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He likes the Kop, 2 soccer balls.



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2-team players from the team, "Siam Fox" Leicester City aims to help the team win Manchester City in the English Premier League match below …

Foreign news agencies reported on May 1 that Christian Fuchs and James Maddison, 2 star of the main players of "Siam Fox" Leicester City hopes to help the undefeated team to win. "The Blues" Manchester City to the English Premier League on May 6

It is well understood that Manchester City and Liverpool are pursuing the English Premier League championship this season. With the blue candle, winning only the two matches, then the champion immediately, Liverpool must win all before and to win the disorder of the city, the 2-star Leicester City player insists that he will not be the winner. But they are full of the Manchester City meeting

James Maddison said: "You're winning the 2 remaining games. The last two games are difficult. But we have shown that the great team has won, Manchester City will be the toughest opponent for us. But we will go to visit it, such as planned and shows how we can do with Arsenal in the last match. "

While Christian Fuchs said: "We want to win (Man City). We do not think who will win. It's not our story."

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