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History of the news channel 3 This morning – Eng Warorn shows the brilliant, captures a new song The secret is in the world.

January 29, 2019 | 9 minutes 44 seconds

Behind the scenes Know & # 39; Eng Warorn & # 39; Enchanting bright singer from the camp Boxx Music The owner of a heart-wrenching song that hits the entire house around the city, solitary, lonely, visiting family, entertainment

Enter new songs The secret is in the world (secret) That the current answer is good, without losing the first song Although it was recently released A playful love song Speak of secret loves to love someone What secret love does not wants to make the other person know Based on being ready to meet, make it happy For anyone who does not believe there is a secret This song can make you realize that "The secret is in the world"

Also, I still invite fans to cool.Music festival Love 101 Love Festival over a hundred Music festivalLove of the people of Bangkok Enjoy and enjoy 38 artists such as Modern Dog, Atomic Collage, Stamp, Paradox, Two Popetorn, Yarm Arjor, 9×9, Sweat 16! Etc.

I see you every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 1 to February 17, 2019, watching for free at 5 a.m. at 4 in the afternoon at 101. The Third Place @ True Digital Park, BTS Punnawithi. and the third place

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