Thursday , May 13 2021

Hove is the third open battle of RSA.

Charles Hove, the third steel rod from the United States. Only lead. After the first round of RSM Classic, the story revealed that it is difficult to squeeze a good shape.

Charles Hove, American Male Golf Three Men The performance was excellent to be under the same leader. After the first round of RSM Classic on Thursday, November 15th.

Wow, the third made 8 birds without the loss of bullies. It was found that a difficult situation allows them to show a good shape. "I think that sometimes this difficult situation is seriously complicated, which makes you keep your form a bit."

Results of the RSA Classic PGA Tour are $ 6.2 million (about 204.6 million baht) at the Sea Island, Primorje and Primorje Golf Club. 7,005 yards Par 70 and 7,058 yards pair 72 on St. Simon, Georgia, USA. After the end of the first round. On Thursday, November 15th.

1. (-8) – Charles Hove Third (P)
2. (-6) – JJ Spencer (P), Austin Kuk (P)
4. (-5) – Ariel Badade (Australia) (P), Davis Love The Third (P), Cheshire (P)

Other golfers are interesting.
(-3) – Graeme Maclaren (Northern Ireland) (S), Retweeted Gauteng (South Africa) (W)
65. (E) – Jim Furik (S)

Note: Golfers without brackets are USA
Note 2: P = Plantation, S = C, Iceland

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