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Huawei launches 11 scenario solutions RYT9

Huawei launches 11 scenario solutions Switch to digital through practice

During the second day of the HUAWEI CONNECT 2021 event, Peng Zhongyang, a member of Huawei’s Board of Directors. President of Corporate Business Group Huawei gave a keynote address entitled “Digging into Digital for a Brighter Future,” which addressed three key areas: application scenarios, models, and ecosystems, based on vision and the future of transformation industrial digital. It released 11 state-of-the-art scenarios. solutions based on customers in the public service, transport, finance, energy and manufacturing sectors. Huawei continues to work with partners. to meet the needs of customers in different stages of digital transformation to meet the challenges Take advantage of new opportunities for change and create value for the industry

Sr. Peng Zhongyang, a board member of Huawei and chairman of Corporate Business Group, said: “Huawei will continue its digital journey. Focusing on application scenarios, models, and partners, to help customers succeed in their journey of digital transformation, we integrate ICT with real-life applications and processes. In addition to developing a new form of consulting, integration and operational support, we aim to fully understand the needs and visions of our clients. to make them a reality We encourage partners to change channels. to become a competent partner We are committed to building a partnership system that grows, creates and wins with Huawei ”.

Moving into the digital world Focus on usage scenarios, models, and partners.

Going digital is an ongoing process. When digital transformation becomes the consensus of the industry Our approach has changed from questioning whether to move to digital.or not as it willhowto move to digital Therefore, Huawei has highlighted three key points for its digital transformation. To help corporate customers create prototypes Improve quality and efficiency improve experience and improve flexibility as follows:

Digital simulation: Huawei believes that the key to the integration of ICT and additional business processes lies in three aspects: from complementary to core / manufacturing. From the position of the leader to the details of the operational situation and from the digitization of one side to everything that covers each situation. Huawei has continuously gained experience in different usage scenarios. Increase knowledge in all application situations This makes it possible to address critical business issues in the industry.

Since 2016, Huawei has been promoting a comprehensive digital transformation strategy. Incorporating digitization into Huawei itself, Huawei board member and CIO Tao Jingwen said, “To achieve digital transformation, companies need to develop a digital platform as a foundation. And focus on enterprise restructuring with the goal of supporting the success of its core business.Huwei built Horiz, a platform to support digital transformation.developed from Huawei’s own transformation experience.This open platform will help organizations in different industries to achieve their digital transformation and to create global competitiveness “.

Format changes: Huawei offers a new model of consulting, integration and operational support. To help customers achieve digital transformation over the next 5 years. Huawei plans to launch more than 300 custom service solutions, define more than 200 service standards, and develop more than 800 service solution partners.

Founded in 2019, China Oil & Gas Pipeline Network Corporation (PipeChina) has been working with Huawei on its digital transformation journey since its inception. and strives to create excellence through digitization, said Liu Zhongyun, Deputy General Manager of PipeChina, “Digital transformation is a complex, systematic and time-consuming process. Digital platforms and data are the key to digitizing PipeChina. And as a foundation for its digital transformation, PipeChina will continue to work with Huawei in its digital transformation efforts to achieve success through the use of shared resources. standardized architecture unified information competition as a service and usability to measure “.

Development of associated systems: Huawei will improve the comprehensive alliance system. To ensure mutual success and keep operations running This provides a solid foundation for the development of competent partners.

Digital China Group is one of Huawei’s global strategic partners, with Guo Wei, President of Digital China, sharing experiences and results of collaborating with Huawei in digital transformation. In today’s digital world, Digital China’s mission is to build a cloud-based “MetaVerse” through infrastructure. cloud technology and new networks that will shape a new future for society. Digital China seeks cooperation with Huawei. and other ecosystem partners to move to digitization. Leading the digital transformation of the industry to create new things together and achieve success in the future. “

11 scenario-based solutions for digital transformation

As part of its exploration of innovation in digital transformation, Huawei has launched 11 state-of-the-art application scenario solutions covering five industries: utilities, energy, finance, transportation and manufacturing.

For the public sector, three basic City Intelligent Twins solutions were unveiled: unified urban governance in a network, assisted operations service, and zero-confidence security, which help governments continually transform their management processes. This leads to the creation of a new smart city that is more comfortable, creative, more respectful of people, resilient and environmentally friendly.

In the energy sector, smart power plant and smart gas station solutions help participants in the energy industry achieve high quality developments. and create an intelligent, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system.

In the financial sector, mobile and Digital CORE payment solutions will help transform financial institutions into better digital ecosystem companies. It will help build a connected, smart and ecosystem-based financial sector.

In the transportation industry, Smart Airport, Smart ATC and comprehensive up-to-date transportation solutions will continue to help make travel more comfortable and hassle-free transportation. Promote customer success in digital transformation.

And finally, in the manufacturing sector there are solutions from smart car manufacturers that aim to improve efficiency and experience. while facilitating innovation at the same time.

Leveraging advanced ICT capabilities and years of experience in the industry, Huawei has long been working with partners and customers around the world at different stages of digital evolution. To fully support the digital transformation Huawei will continue to help customers add unique value. and make those who are stronger stronger than ever

Huawei will host the HUAWEI CONNECT 2021 online conference from September 23 to October 31, with the theme Dive into Digital this year. Whether cloud, AI and 5G in all industries. including the role of technology in enabling organizations of all structures and sizes to operate more efficiently and holistically. This ultimately makes it more resilient as we move towards economic recovery.

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