Saturday , May 8 2021

It shoots! Insurance Company Office The publication worsens the collapse of the home. It affects the feelings of the family of the deceased: fresh news

It shoots! Employee of the insurance company After the post aggravates the collapse of the house Affects the feelings of the family of the deceased Causes a negative effect on the image And business operations of the company

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From the fire, a three-story building at intersection 3 of Krisada Nakhon Village 31, Phuttakan Sai Road 3, Thammasop Hall subdistrict, Thawi Watthana district, Bangkok, before the building collapsed among rescuers. As a result, five people died and many more were injured. Then someone used social media. Posting critical reviews Provoking a wave of inappropriate criticism As the news has already been presented

On April 4, Facebook follower “Muang Thai Insurance Muang Thai Insurance – MTI” posted a message that Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited would like to notify the company’s employees of a comment on Inappropriate on social media. That affects people’s feelings in society

The company did not ignore these actions in any way. And has created a committee to verify the above facts Therefore, I want to inform everyone that the behavior of these employees This is a violation of regulations, ethics and business ethics. And contrary to the company’s policy They adversely affect the image And the business operation of the company has strongly affected and, above all, the sentiment of many people. Therefore, especially the relatives and families of the deceased, the company immediately removed this employee from the status of worker of the company.

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