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‘Mario’ insists ‘Kilen swagger’ will not change the style of the “Guangsong Great Disaster” game duel


‘Mario’ insists ‘Kilen swagger’ will not change the style of the “Guangsong Great Disaster” game duel

Preparation before the Revo Thai League football match, match 8, match between “Kuangsong Mahaphai” Singha Chiang Rai United, vice leader of the crowd, will meet with “Kilin swagger” Muangthong United, the 7th team on Sunday 17 d ‘October 2021 at 18.30, by Chiang Rai Won 3 games in a row, holding second place in the crowd, while Muangthong stumbled into the game of the week. After invading and losing against BG Pathum United, the former champion came 1-2

Mario Yurovsky, coach of Muangthong United, said before the game that he admitted that our team had problems in the last area. But the overall picture remains satisfactory. we lack precision that cannot explain what caused it. but trying to find the cause and fix it if until he himself is not next to the field I want to go down and shoot myself again.

“It shows the character of this Muangthong series. We still have a lot of young players. must also complete the experience and we must try to solve these problems can be Encounter with Chiang Rai Personally I try to make the team play as the match against BG. We must do our best to get the desired result. Although we are a little tired after playing during the week, but we have to try to choose the best players for this match “.

Guilin coach Chiang Rai said he is doing a good job. And last year they beat us back and forth. We have to try to do a good job. To score points in this match, in terms of goals, of course, each coach always needs 3 points in each match. but you have to look at reality We are still a rising star team. we have yet to develop But this level of football has no excuse. We have to do our best to win this game.

The program of the Revo Thai League 2021/22 Week 8 is as follows:

Saturday, October 16, 2021
17.30 Samut Prakan City meets Port FC at Samut Prakan Stadium (New Muang Bang Phli Home) broadcast live via AIS PLAY
18.00 Khon Kaen United meets with Nong Bua Pitchaya FC at the Khon Kaen Provincial Administrative Organization Stadium, broadcasting live at Base 5 of the Royal Thai Air Force and AIS PLAY
6 pm Suphan Buri FC meets BG Pathum United at the Central Stadium, Suphan Buri Province, live on GMM 25 and AIS PLAY.
19.00 Chiang Mai United meets PT Prachuap FC at the 700th Anniversary Stadium in Chiang Mai, broadcast live via AIS PLAY

Sunday, October 17, 2021
18.00 True Bangkok United meet Chonburi FC at True Stadium, broadcast live by GMM 25 and AIS PLAY.
18:00 h. Police Tero meets Ratchaburi FC at Bunyachinda Stadium, broadcast live at Royal Thai Air Force Base 5 and AIS PLAY
18.30 Sing Chiang Rai United meets Muang Thong United at Singha Stadium, broadcast live by PPTV HD 36 and AIS PLAY
7pm Buriram United meet Nakhon Ratchasima Mazda FC at Chang Arena

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