Monday , May 10 2021

New democratic parties are calling for new politicians friendly – innows

Mr. Prith Vatcharindh, a representative of the New Democratic Party, talks about the invitation to a political party participant. Jumping through social media. What will be held on December 1, that's good. For in democracy. When there is a choice, it will be competitive. I do not want to see the conflict. I want to see a creative competition before entering the full selection. The party wants to invite other political parties to play in friendly primary colors to talk to outdoors on many sides. Many customers replied. The party is proud. And the party is joining with Thailand to accept that other political parties that call them will receive. Day of the race. I'm listening to other parties. Let's have a day off.

Type of sport. Let me think again Because it's important. I want everyone to have sex. Event location. Ongoing However, in the future it will work Every political party has the same opinion. It is not necessary not to cooperate. No party or coalition.

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