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News Channel 3 Tale This Morning – Drama Drama, Choa Na Bang Chang, brought the team to inform John Ratchata of fraud


May 15, 2019 | 3 minutes 34 seconds

Case ofDramaThe story of Shadow Force 2, which has a similar theme toDramaAnother channel that was issued the same day As reported previously

Finally, the victims and those affected by the incident led by Ch. A. Bang Chang, inspectorDramaThe problem Along with the team of classification, the music team, the drama team and Ju Chinchin, the composer, Ping Pong Sirak, who wrote the petition, Peter Corp Dendallal as the team didDramaShadow Force 2 Name of the song I hope only true love We travel to the Chokchai police station to inform you And a press conference

For CHA he revealed that he was hired to produce music, a television drama For the drama of a television station, he brought two tunes bought to John Ratchata at a price of 20,000 baht by the end of the year 60 and made this The song is compiled and put the lyrics to be used for the drama. And the darknessLet the drama of the drama and drama of the Shadow Force 2 the same day

Which CHA has activated the TV Shadow Force 2 Therefore, listening to music, feeling that the melody is very similar. Therefore, find information for the author and contact Jughin, whether he did the song or not, something that Juchin insisted on doing song yourself. And I did not know John Ratchata but he had sent the song to Mr. Sarawut Saengbut who contacted to compose the song to listen to But he did not coordinate with whether he wanted to buy or not

While Ch. A. Bang Chang said that on the day of the song, John Rushta stated that it was just like Sarawut Saengbut.

After the incident, he tried to contact John Ratchata to speak, but he was calm. I have already entered the magazine. And today was reported fraud Trying to discredit both him and his family Cause the lack of income Because many businessmen lost their confidence

Ready to be authorized by one of the Narongwit Camp Chandler Music It will also be prosecuted for copyright infringement with John Ratchata and will be processed to the maximum Because after birth there was only one person He contacted that John had presented this Song composed of the letters Compiled To resell at a price of 5,000 Baht, but do not buy

While Mr. Sarawut Saengbut, who has an affair with this title, is the person who received this song from Jughin, arrived at the police station and confirmed that he did not see John. He takes the song to sell to A.A., but admitted that he knew John Rushta because he had brought this song to John to make the key and rehearse. But it did not continue and I stopped negotiating for health problems

Beside Jughead, he said he was not impressed. I just wanted the truth to appear clearly in his own work. But it took to supplant As for the case of the police, I had questioned all the spokesmen and witnesses And John Ratchata will convene to speak to be fair with all the parties

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