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The Energy Regulatory Commission announced its first FTE in 16 months, which will result in an increase of 4.30 per unit in 2016. More than 10,000 million Baht to reduce the impact of the public.

Today (November 8, 61), Mrs. Narumapat Amornkosit, Secretary General of the Regulatory Commission for Energy and Spokesperson, said the Cabinet decided to charge a variable tariff (Ft.) For the period January-April 2019 it was -11.60 per unit compared with the current Ft -15.90 satang per unit. This is an increase of 4.30 satang per unit.

The main factor is the continuous increase in fuel prices. In particular, gas prices in September and December 2018 increased by 12.67 baht per BTU, coal prices rose 114.36 Baht per tonne, diesel fuel prices increased 3.48 Baht per liter, fuel prices rose. 1.17 baht per liter and the purchase price of electricity from abroad increased by 0.08 baht per unit, resulting in an increase in the cost of electricity to 3.64 Baht per unit (excluding VAT) from 3.60 Baht. units

However, the path is expected. Fuel prices continue to grow and are high. As a result, domestic businesses and industry are adapting to alleviate the cost of living. The EP is preparing management measures and financial measures to address both measures to promote efficiency in the management of fuel costs required for the production of electricity. In cooperation with the Thai Electricity Generation Agency (EGAT), PTT coordinated with PTT Ekploration and Production Public Compani Limited (LPG). It is appropriate to increase the amount of electricity purchased from neighboring countries and lower the costs of domestic production.

The National Committee for Economic and Social Development (NESDB) has approved financial and accounting measures for the management of FTT. The Fiscal Policy Office approved the collection of KM 3,298 million from the free trade agreement. The total investment was Baht 5.547 million and the investment of Baht 1.522 million was not invested by the Company in the total amount of 10.367 million dollars to reduce production costs and reduce volatility of adjustments. The value of the FTA affects power management to alleviate the suffering of people.

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