Sunday , October 2 2022

Nokia 9 Pureviev Render Image It may come with a scan under the screen.


After the rumors broke out, a big pause. So far, we have not seen the real thing. Nokia 9 It's expected that the phone will come with a 5 megapixel camera on the back … But lately it seems we may not have to wait too long. Due to the image made on 360 degrees of mobile phone, it comes to see and.It came with 5 cameras after rumors.

This time we saw this to show the Nokia 9. From the first reports such as OnLeaks and 91Mobiles, the main features. It's 5 cameras + 1 flash and 1 mysterious sensor (I do not know what it is). Now there is no information about how the lens is a lens. I expect this size will be at least. I need a zoom lens or an Ultra-Vision lens …

Come back to see some. The screen is still a simple screen, not curved, and not a 3D or 2.5D chipset that is still normal. There is no attempt to get the screen down like other brands. The lower edge of the bottom is still dense. The camera is seen only as one. (It will be a dual camera. It would already be a phone with more cameras.)

On the edge of the machine, on the right side there is a power button and a volume button, the SIM tray is at the top, the bottom is the speaker and the USB-C port. Apparently, the 3.5 mm headphones are cut off. Already Oh … and if you see it, there are no sensors to scan your fingers. It was expected to be buried beneath the screen itself.

Other specifications Now there is no data that the Nokia 9 will be a mobile phone with 5 top specifications. It is expected that the screen will be OLED. Of course, if you use a finger scanner under the screen. (This system requires an OLED display.) And as always … If you see an image displayed at 360 degrees, this way. It is very possible that this will be the final design. Moreover, we will update it.

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