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Of course! The game "Reach VS Rechts" ONE: DESTINI OF CHAMPIONS in Kuala Lumpur.

ONE Championship, the world's largest martial arts sport in the history of Asia. Have a chance to hit Kuala Lumpur again. Malaysia: DESTINI OF CHAMPIONS will be held at The Akiata Arena on Friday, December 7th.

Pairing the show will be a meeting between a long trip, specifically Lee Fairtek Thai and Louise Regis from Australia in the ONE Super Series category. Muai Thai rules, in addition, a list of other matches. Interesting again.

– Shaki Haven Ivory Fairtek vs Louis Regis –

I am very happy with the Eight Fairteks championship of Muai Thailand. He is one of the most famous and successful poets of the world. Win on a career and join the 200th with a good boxing through the legendary craftsman. In the past there were three LUMPINI champions, two Lion Fighters, two VMC champions and one VBC champion. One of the ONE Championships is now on a full-length scene. The player is ready to enter the arena again with a meeting with Louis Regis.

Louis Regis is one of the famous Thai boxers from Australia. Except for qualified work. He also has another role as a trainer in the care of an exalted star. Regis has won many international boxing championships, including IKBF Commonwealth, Australian Championship, IKBF East Coast Championship and NSV Heaviveight Championship. In addition, the traveler travels back and forth between Australia and Thailand to continuously improve his skills. He is currently competing in the ONE Super Series and debuting with the legendary Thais.


– Akihalia Tani vs Kimia Abbasov –

Akilan Thane, former World Heavyweight Champion One of the most important athletes in Malaysia. Since the beginning of the amateur level, the nickname "Alligator" has been dabbled in the name race. And end the level with an amateur who is never lost. This is the first time I've ever seen him. In the first six games against the ONE championship, he broke a significant winner. Current practice with MMA in Kuala Lumpur. He also flew to learn more skills at Team Kuest in the United States.

Kamikaze, Abbasov, heavyweight champion, chief GP selector. He grew up with his mother in Bishkek. The capital of Kyrgyzstan Abbas began to practice martial arts here. Starting from the first Greek-Roman wrestling. Then boxing followed, until the reputation was enough. Abbas started a new challenge at the age of 18 with a cage match. He developed into a star for watching and winning in the first four. He won two championships. The most important are: One-time tournaments ended in December 2016, with three direct competitors. He is currently the leading fighting artist of Kyrgyzstan. And ready for the duel with Akilan Tane.

– Djiboute Kankan vs Kevin Chung –

Dizzi Takenaka, the fifth generation shooter from Shoeto Pacific Rim. He was born in Osaka. Japan Starting from the Brazilian training, Iuuzhan Vong is inspired by the team. Soon after that. He started his career with the victory of the Shootout Championship in the new athletic tournament, especially since his third match. From then On, it does not stop. Winning nine games. This is not the end of the sixth.

Kevin Chung won a gold medal in the Brazilian competition for several yachts. He won the first prize in Taekwondo. Prior to the addition of wrestling and Brazilian turn to the skills they mastered during high school. He was trained under the supervision of top-level coaches such as Leona Levis in Virginia. Chung started the first competition in Iiii. Then they want to test their skills in mixed martial arts. After the amateur artist was moderate. He began his career in 2015, when he was 22 years old. Chung is one of the United States starring stars. He spent some time practicing in top-canvases in America, including Crazi 88 Jiu-jitsu, praising Middleweight, Middleweight and Lightweight One. With

– Gianni Gonzalez VS. Ma bark fli –

Gianna Madness has gained the reputation that she is one of the most talented athletes in the cage of ONE. In childhood she spent most of her time in Hawaii. A mother's birthplace in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia He left school at Salt Lake City, Utah, at age 16, and decided to return to Malaysia in 2010 with his wrestling skills in the United States. Then he follows his dream to become a mixed martial art of athletes. Since then, he has been able to overcome many world-class competitors. I was the first athlete in Fla, in Fla.

The "South Eagle" from China is from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi and a long-standing fan of martial arts. She began fighting wrestling in 2005, before she succeeded. After winning the national championship. He started his career of 22 years of mixed martial arts by winning the Bantamweight Tournament ONE in Changsha. After winning the first under-competitions from the first two. And then Dragon Rider won many other competitors from around the world. I need to find a girl in this crazy crazy I'm here.


– Shaki Haven, VI Fairtek VS Louis Regis
– Akihalia Tani vs. Kimia Abbasov
– Djiboute Keane VS Kevin Chung
– Gianni Gonzalez VS. Ma Bark Fliing
– Mecha Makouk VS Joe Torres
– Chihin Strauss VS Jenni Huang
– Savannah M VS Irene Cicero
– Mohammed Mahmoud VS Sturgis Mikios

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You can watch a live show on TV Channel 32 on Friday, December 7th from 22:20.

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