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Policy: from the heart of ExDem to NewDem! ยา Thaya "asked 7 questions Will it allow the" Thaksin regime "to return to the country?


Sunday, March 31, 2019, 21.37 hrs.

From ExDem to NewDem! ยา Thaya "asked 7 questions Will it allow the" Thaksin regime "to return to the country?

March 31, 62: Ms. Thaya Thiepsuwan, former PPS leader, wife, Natthaphon Thipsuwan, deputy head of the Pracha Ratana party Post messages via Facebook "Taya Teepsuwan" with the following content

From the heart of EdDem to NewDem

NewDem … First of all, I would like to say that Nam is a fan who tracks the work and values ​​the knowledge, capacity and commitment of the new generation that will come to work in politics to help people on behalf of Democratic Party. … The party that had been and did faith in this institution did not change.

Previous campaigns Personally, I'm following NewDem. I still think that these three young people who do not choose crazy, good and well-educated, speak well, do good things. Several surveys that are taking place, some people go overwhelmingly every time … but the results are opposed. The candidate stayed in fourth position, losing the future match. Who is who? I do not know … What is it? ?? Aunt believes that the party has an answer, but how much will the truth accept? Speaking of my heart Unfortunately, for this, many MEPs, old and new, have the quality of PPS that have been defeated in these elections. Both make difficult tasks and present good policies

This battle has been won by 52 seats, without having the opportunity to form the core of the government. Therefore, being in a position to choose "Power of the State" and "For Thailand" and suddenly, NewDem came out to declare the position (again) that it would be a "free opposition."

1. Throughout the last 10 years Thaksin Regime Use the power of the State for the benefit of dissidents. The country is damaged by more than 500,000 million rice commitment policies … NewDem Will allow these people to re-manage our country?

2. Several violent incidents, burning houses, burnt cities, armed with war weapons, probably know that NewDem, who is behind … and will we risk the country to revolt like this?

3. Trying to eliminate the amnesty at the end of Soi Laklak at 4 in the morning, hoping to bring his brother home. We have to go out to fight both in the council and outside the board. If Thailand came to the government … NewDem does not believe that these efforts reappear?

4. The mass of millions of people that come to tens of millions of people across the country Say that we will not last again with the government of cheating There are many party members and lovers … NewDem They can be children and, according to them texts, there is no education about the fight against the road. But the aunt believes that everyone will know why these people came out?

5. The secretary of the New Future Party has often interviewed the monarchy and has clearly announced the amendment to article 112 of the Criminal Code, which is a crime related to the king and must swear in Parliament. Born in a family that honored the institution of life … Today we run the risk of the future of the new party as a government. Game leaders have ideas or something for the style …?

6. On February 8, Thais know that the party can do anything to win the election. Fortunately, "Fa Mee Ta", we passed this event … NewDem Not so fast?

7. How NewDem trusts that "3.9 million sounds" wants to be an opposition? You can choose because you want the NIDI MPO to work in the government. And it can represent several policies driven And do not forget the millions of 8.4 million people who love "Love Poppa" And when they are ready, they will choose again

All of these are just some of the stories that have been produced in the last ten years, which is the period in which many Popsicle and NewDem still study foreign text books. But he did not touch the evil that happened in our house. That may still be in the world of correct theory. This should be in a country where he developed politics … but today our country is traumatized and the parties clearly divided The "political texts" can not lead the country through the crisis in this period. Along with the scores of all parties to the election results, the country has an "impassive" condition. The game that has a medium tone has an important part to choose if "What country should I go?" Democratic Party Proud Departure from Thailand Even the New Economic Party Therefore, it is an important variable that is inevitable Therefore, the Democrat will consider "The ideology of the party" (because it was already announced) or "future country" "must have been chosen

All this only means to NewDem that if Thailand is in a situation of peace, people are good. There is no conflict in a violent society, all parties honor the monarchy, above all, the theory of "free opposition" or "free democracy" many NewDem mentioned. It will be one of the best options …

But today, the choice of the country is only two ways between "Thaksin regime" or "peace succession." "Pracha Prachan Party" is not the most perfect party. "General Prayut" Kor is not the best leader in all situations … But at this time, 8.4 million people still believe that "Uncle Tu" is someone who can bring peace to the nation. And when the country is calm, politician, we can still bring good economic policies of the coalition party so that the country can advance in politics and on the stomach of the people

Leave NewDem. This also confirms that Popsicle and many other party children are the new generation of quality. It is the hope and will be the important force of the nation in the future. If you need to collect experience and learn about the Thai political context looking at various events of reality more than ideal … I would see "the sky after rain", of course

From ExDem also to the blue color

Thaya Teepsuwan

PS All written by personal feelings. This wants the country to have a solution. Not about the husband, the power of the state. And I am not a member of Pachara. What does the position mean for our family? (I want the husband to go back home to help him work even!)

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