Monday , May 16 2022

Raisin – B opened the fight to open the 'statue'


Today we are waiting to see the mother of fun. Raisin – methine With B – Nectar Facing the "War of the Proletariat" drama has just opened the door to opening a fight for men. ROAD – PATH In episode Pure (B-Nectar) Angry because I think L (Raisin – Methanee) Cause You're right – The Battle of the contest is coming out. LL

Read the story. "Varrior Varrior" is here.

. . I went to shoot at a studio in Pathum Thani when the team was ready to call. Raisin – B – Put This scene is a scene that made the mother break through. So give yourself time to understand for a long time. When ready, order a real shot.

Start B Come on. Behavior With a jealous look at the actress who will hang out. I've dug up the past in the past. Behavior He's got a face

The Raisin I do not know why. B Back to the bullfight. Raisin That's for sure Behavior Get out Behavior You see B Aggressively Raisin So shouting Everything is related to people and fire. B Old Raisin I'll tell you earlier. Behavior Come back together

But Behavior I also went to find out. Raisin I do not know how to do it. B Scare the anger before you announce your absence and ask for your rivals. Raisin Immediately! …Do not even burn the spirit. This is fun. Watch today 21.20 hours on channel 31.

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