Sunday , February 28 2021

ROSE QUARTZ Girl Group 3 Nationality with 3 singles, 3, 2, 1!

Referred as well received by the followers of KPOP and TPOP, with the first single 2 on the song "Realize" and the second single "Ra Pa Pam Pam" 5 girls "ROSE QUARTZ" (Rose Quartz) The new group of girls is celebrated to Myanmar. Build a reputation for Thailand with 5 members, 3 nationalities, namely "Sung Shin" (Korea), "Ing" (Thai), "Ern" (Thai), "Nishi" (Myanmar) and "Cindy". (Myanmar) under the jurisdiction of "0316 Entertainment" for the music tag 0316 Entertainment The first Korean entertainment company to settle in Thailand Who joins the entertainment giant of Myanmar "JBJ Entertainment" to create a project to connect between 3 countries, Thailand, Korea, Myanmar, to launch a single 3 of 5 girls. 2, 1! (Tres Dos Un) that is portable, brilliant With all the support to listen and create a mini album for the followers also

This new single comes with rhythmic music, the tropical house plus the groovy bass, combined with hip hop and the vibration of the future home. The clear flow in each piece makes the music look elegant. Brakes make music more diverse. The voices and the letters are unique according to the groups of girls full of positive energy. Value and fear of failure

The main dress is a pastel color. The choreography and the tone of the music video Showing the other side of "ROSE QUARTZ", which is very different from the song Ra Pa Pam Pam in the second single. And even more, special music videos 3, 2, 1! I rolled to Korea All the Han River attractions park, basketball court and places in Bangkok too

ROSE QUARTZ is the name of a pink crystal, like 5 girls, 5 styles, this beautiful jewel that will shine all over the world.

"Rose Quartz the 1st mini album" in 1 package consisting of a CD, Photo Book and a member image (random). Interested in making orders through Facebook Inbox: Rose Quartz Thailand and Facebook: 0316 Entertainment




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