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Scandinavian Plus Tee with Michelin Chef 1 Star


News about the party Thursday, November 15,

St Regis Bangkok Excellence Tasty menu. Food from around the world. Michelin Star Chef constantly. Meet the cook Saian Isaksson from Esperanto, the luxury Thai cookbook from Stockholm, the 1-star Michelin Star. Make Scandinavian cuisine. Inspired Come from Asian food. Besides offering different meals. Brunch, lunch and dinner, as well as afternoon tea at St Bar. Regis and Lounge.

Chef Venerable Isaksson was born in Thailand. Then it was adopted by the Swedish father and mother at the age of 3 months, using the authentic Swedish way of life. Chief Vishnu is known as the head of Michelin Star from Esperanto with 1 star. Luxury dining room in Stockholm Opened in 2005. And he won the first star in 2007 and continued until the restaurant was closed. Earlier this year, Esperanto also received Up to 40/40 from the Getting Guide, this is considered the longest guide in Sweden. He and his team made the name for the restaurant and were honored as the Restaurant of the Year in the year 2560, and Diner's Club listed Esperanto at the "50 Best Restaurants Academies". There are also 2 restaurants in the same building as Esperanto, Imoutu and Shibumi. The Michelin Star restaurant is well-known and highly appreciated.

He was the head of the Swedish National Culinary Team in the period from 2000 to 2004. He and his team were also honored for hosting two-year Nobel banquets. In 2558 and 2559 with a unique culinary style.

For this trip to Thailand, Chef Delight has prepared a special menu The St.Regis Afternoon Tea for gourmets to experience the Scandinavian-style afternoon tea. Join in the month of November 2018, from 2 pm to 5 pm in the salon and bar St. Regis. Hams fish and caviar in a shell Scampi wrapped in a circle or carfiol Mushrooms, mushrooms and pigeons Salmon on the raisin bread Cucumber, covered with crabs decorated with cucumbers, desserts include chocolate filled in the middle with mint, coriander, beetroot, pudding, almonds, milk and rhubarb.

Scandinavian dishes are also available for lunch and dinner. For more information and reservations call 02-2077777 or send e-mail [email protected] Visit the site at

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