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Scouts! I'm not sure if this is the case.


Volunteer hunters come to fight against the fans. When fans bring them to the car. Before the gun kills the wounded. Then he escaped to kill himself. A great girl died in a hospital later in an accident caused by jealousy.

At 8.30 am on November 9, 61, Rescue Dragon Sriboonrung Nong Bua Lamphu Coordinate to help the injured. After shooting at the Sriboonruang passenger station, together with Pol.Gen.Pichai Pradiphat (researched), the police station Srithunueng was ready to investigate.

The scene is in front of Ningbo Ning. The injured woman is known by the name of Mrs. Lam Fiber is 41 years old, lives in 35 Moo 7, Hua Na, Muang, Nong Bua Lamphu. The wound was shot through the chin through the back of the throat and the left arm until it was seriously injured. Rescue is delivered immediately. Hospital of Sriboonrueng Inspectors found 9 mm shells that fell on the scene. 5 The case was kept as evidence.

When asked by Ms. Cacanapat Bussin (20), the daughter of a fat lady (injured), who was the witness of the incident, her mother (Ms. Lam) drives Ford's four-door truck. Kong 6996 Nong Bua Lamphu parked in the scene to send Mr. Veerapong Taengporong, aged 27, lives in number 37 Moo 2, Kuan Thanee, Kantang, Trang. It's a good idea to look at this. To return to office in three provinces of the southern border. I went to buy a bus ticket. As we returned to see how the mother (Mrs. Lam) was fighting with Mr. Veerapong (a mother's lover), then Mr. Veerapong (girl) used a gun for her mother. Help on newsletters and help with information. When she came to see her mother (she was fibers), she was found. They shot at the scene.

Although authorities are investigating the incident. It was reported that a person was killed in front of a pick-up truck, a bronze Toiota registered at 7746 Udon Thani parked at home number 341/2 Moo 13 house Santisuk by Mr. Prasana Praini 77 years away from the scene. Approximately 100 meters for research and coordination of doctors. Hospital of Sriboonrueng Police Academy To the position of Mr. Veerapong (young girl), who recently killed a woman. The used 9mm black auto firearm killed himself. The wound shot at the right pace through the left. The bullet remained in the fire, the truck of the whistle fell into the lamp. The gun falls into the legs. I put a bullet on my left leg, one dead, wearing shorts. Wear a camouflage sweater.

Preliminary inquiries Chaniapat (Mrs. Lam's daughter) knows that there are two social contacts. I have a friend about 4 months before the g. Veeraphong, who is dead, will come to the female body and even get to the car to trigger the incident. The cause is because of jealousy.

Later at 23h50h on the same day (November 9th), the fiber that was sent. Hospital Nong Bua Lamphu Died from Dr. Vichai Kultangwatana Nong Bua Lamphu. I told her cousins ​​that the loss of blood from the wound was a sharp shot fit in the abdomen through the lungs. The beard cut off the veins from the door. And at the hand of the aorta. Nong Bua Lamphu Hospital Sent There are no vital signs that need to pump two hearts and eventually die. After that, the relatives contacted the funeral to execute the traditional burial of Mr. Veerapong's rescue was stored at a funeral. Hospital Nong Bua Lamphu Wait for relatives to continue.

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