Tuesday , May 17 2022

See all comments on Muai Thai. Set the competition standard.


See Iaovapa Ministry of Tourism and Sports. Everyone talks about Muaithai, raising the standard of sport.

The view of Iaa Pae suggested that the Ministry of Tourism and Sports open the story of Muai Thai in order to raise the standard of sports competition.

Ms. Iaovapa Burrongchai, deputy spokeswoman for the National Development Party, said that the case of young professional boxers had died of physical injuries. From boxing matches. Ministry of Tourism and Sports Need to talk from many parties. To comment on Set Rules and Procedures. Promote sport together with security. Including the promotion of Muai Thai. Promote boxing in a systematic way. To develop a sustainable Muai Thai sport in the future. Muai Thai is a martial art of Thailand.

The deputy spokeswoman of the National Development Center said that for personal suggestions that should be made in the field of boxing and other sports, especially fighting sports. What's important is.

1. Standard competition
2. Athletes must be physically and mentally fit.
3. Competition and protective measures are safe.
4. The referee has the knowledge. Specialization
5. Rules are acceptable.
6. The doctor must be present at the competition. During control of care after the race. After recovery

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