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Sian Phra reveals the legend of the sacred coin Luang Per Koon before the price touches 30 million!


Sian Phra reveals the legend of the sacred coin Luang Per Koon before the price touches 30 million!

After Phra Thep Wittayakhom or "Luang Pho Khun Parisuttho" The Abbot of the Ban Rai Temple, the Dan Khun Thot district, Nakhon Ratchasima province, has received the most popular prize for the Luang By Khun currency. The price has increased a lot. In particular, the model created the prestige of the year 1976, which is the first model. To Luang Pho Khun, he sang to produce only 9 currencies. The price reached 30 million baht.

The most recent and current flow of January 28 of "The young man born Chai Ploy" As an operator Produced on behalf of Dee Dee Company Limited, transmitted every Monday to Friday at 1:45 pm on Channel 28, opening of the interview for "Phra Chatchai Phumthammo", Temple Phra Sa Kaeo, "Mr. Perm, Kongkathok ", Temple Wachawakorn, Sa Kaeo Ekachai Bunthiam Temple" or "Ek"

Khun Ek, why do you want to collect coins Luang Per Koon?
Ekkachai: "At that moment I was studying at Korat. When I finished studying, I had the opportunity to respect it. I felt it was merciful. After graduating in Bangkok, hanging the Buddha, Go well Go anywhere, feel comfortable. It was re-studied and accumulated. "

Is Phien Luang Pho Khun?
Ekachai: "I play many monks. But Luang Pho Khun is a monk who loves and accumulates. Ask how many models there are. He said that there are about one thousand models and he is a monk who can not have nobody to complete the book ".

If it is cheaper, it is rented to worship. Which is the cheapest?
Ekachai: "There are hundreds. If it is not universal, there are 40-50 baht available".

The most expensive
Ekkachai: "The coin creates the prestige of the body of gold as the first coin issued to the temple in 1976. Previously, there were about 10 million, about two years ago, about 10 million, but now it would have to finish Last exchanges between 13 and 15 million "

Do you have something?
Ekachai: "I do not have the first one: it's very strange: all the monks have 19 people, but those who have 19 people, or perhaps no more than 19 people, have gold. There are 19 coins, about 2 million silver. Luang Pho Khun ten thousand (laughs) "

How to create a charismatic texture? How much does it cost?
Ekachai: "8 hundred thousand to one million to deliver (laughs) is a distributed currency Who has made his merit?"

What is the most expensive currency?
Ekkachai: "A slang of gold coins, 9 pieces of gold, which cost 1 million baht. Why is it expensive?" Because creating the prestige is the first version of the temple Two horns, it got to be very beautiful. Later, the virtue The medals can create prestige and add prestige, create a name with the good, everything is good, the monk who created it before the current, the demand will be more. "

How much does the gold medal cost?
Ekachai: "3 thousand"

Uncle has added a link to the currency. How to throw the pool
Add: "The coin sent will be a coin that is in the Sa Kaeo temple in 1974. Luang Pho will install a new cubicle. The rain came to leak. So I made a coin of 17 years, I sang many years until the 17th year.

How many currencies?
Add: "tens of thousands of dollars"

Why is it called a coin?
Add: "There are many people who ask. Some people are hurt. That the father gave him, but the rich The poor do not give it. Luang Pho then poured a coin into a large tray, about 100 coins to pull in the pool. He said he wanted to go to the pool People are jumping together into the water. "

Ekachai: "This set has no gold. There is money: it should be about eight hundred thousand. If the meat is about two hundred thousand"

Is the father's highway located in the temple of Sa Kaeo?
Phra Chatman: "I did not know I had launched my pool because of some unpleasant symptoms. Some people could not. Luang Pu did the purpose of creating a kuti to make this model give those who came to build a cubicle ".

Go back and ask Khun Ek. The intention of making a trip to find Luang Per Koon's currency rental has never been a miracle? Can you be sure that the currency of Luang Pho Koon is the most important currency?
Ekachai: "I was worshiped during my mercy study. What I like is that you know how to give it to you. Since I was in Thailand since the age of 40 I started building the Dan Dok Tho Hospital. Ask where the money comes from. Then the money from the guards created all the sacred objects. I felt that the monks in Thailand did not do it easily. If there is no Glory, there is no way. "

Talk to you How are you?
Add: "You are a monk able to make a good fortune, without accumulating anything. I will stay, anything is not complicated"

Do you have any currency?
Ekachai: "Direct experience with the door opening of the car" La cama bought again the food for parents to open the door to go to the rice at the headquarters. There was a car moving towards the left to hit my door. I thought it was shy but weird. First, the door was not back. Do not throw two Like not much But when it came to seeing it really The door is wrinkled. It is necessary to change the new door But do not turn around, do not forget, very strange, listen to the sound of the bomb I am not nothing People asked what was hanging. That day, I hung up his father as the temple of Luang Per Khun Egg.

Why do you have a lot of people?
Ekachai: "When faith accumulates, I will not keep monks. Who has experience to rent, if there are possibilities and then there is some version"

What is the most popular?
Ekachai: "Create prestige for 19 years after condition I after that will all be a legend. If you have a hundred billion dollars, you can not let it come and throw me away, so they chase me. I see it One day. Will the new generation have the opportunity to see if we do not collect? "

Do you keep Phra Luang Pho Khun most of Thailand?
Ekkachai: "There are still other senior people called Too Warehouse. They have warehouses for rent. Both are both accumulated and sold."

After Luang Pho Koon Marat Amulet goes up?
Ekachai: "Upload some models that are popular models. You need to choose something to play only popular things."

Uncle added, have you found any miracle?
Add: "There have been events once. I have sent a letter. Ride the train to park the train. At that time, the tinnitus was over. Miss Luang Pho to help Train the brakes for me Not so close to the subway, I shuddered and shook the train. I went to talk to my dad. Luang Pho hit his head. I went to sit and tremble. "

How are you in the temple of Sa Kaeo Luang Pho Khun had been there for many years. How old did he remember?
Phra Chat Man: "16 years old"

Did he raise his father to be a good example of the monks?
Phra Chat Man: "It is Luang Pu who is a model. This made the Buddha know how to share. Know to create merits, create prestige."

Is it the most expensive now?
Ekachai: "Create acts of" Now it should be 20 million. "

Is the most expensive coin among general sponsors?
Ekachai: "He said it was expensive at first."

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