Wednesday , August 4 2021

So cruel: private hospitals ask for a bed reservation fee of one hundred thousand baht 19-07-64 | Morning News with Green Head – Thairath Online

  1. Thus, private and cruel hospitals demand a bed reservation fee of 100,000 baht | 19-07-64 | Morning news with green headThairath online
  2. request a private hospital exam Request a bed reservation fee for hundreds of thousands of covid patientsSanook
  3. Sor. Sor. Exam. Private hospital. Call to charge the bed for the Covid-19 at one hundred thousand baht.Channel 7
  4. Director-General of the Department of Social Security of the People’s Republic of China to order examinations in private hospitals, requesting bed reservations for hundreds of thousands of coronavirus patientsbusiness nation
  5. Order for exams. Private hospitals request bed reservations for “Covid-19” patients in the hundreds of thousands.Khom Luek
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