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Sold out !! The Bank of Thailand opened the lottery sale of the 4 agricultural wealth units, 100 baht per unit, 1.2 billion baht.

Somkiat Kimawa, Deputy Director of the Bank of Agricultural and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), revealed that at the 19th Money Expo 2019, held at Challenger 2-3, Impact Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi province, during the 16-19 May, the Bank of Thailand has introduced financial products and various loans Open for service within the event With interesting products, that is, saving lotteries Land set of GSB 4 agricultural wealth, amount of 1,200 million of units, 100 baht per unit, total amount of 120,000 million baht, 3 year deposit term when the deposit is due The reimbursement will receive interest at 0.75 baht per unit, equivalent to 0.25 per cent per year . In case of early repayment, interest will not be received.

Somkiat continued it Buyers could win prizes on the 16th of the month, with a total of 36. The first prize will have a maximum value of 15,000,000 baht for 6 installments, which will be delivered to the winners with luck in November 2019 , May and November of 2020, May and November of 2021. And in May of 2022, with the first prize, another 30 deliveries, each 10,000,000 of baht, in addition, there is a prize, different categories, 119 prizes, 20,000 Baht each and the second prize has 360 prizes. 10,000 baht, third prize with 1,200 awards, 5,000 baht each. The fourth prize has 2,400 prizes, 2,000 baht each. The fifth prize has 12,000 prizes, each 1,000 baht, 4 final numbers, 120,000 prizes, 90 baht each and 3 final numbers. There are 2,400,000 prizes, each with 45 baht, a total of 2,536,080 prizes, with the highest amount of 162,580,000 baht per month, issuing the first prize on June 16, 2019, important interests and money prizes . Exemption of taxes for the general public And it can also be used as a guarantee for values ​​That has been opened since May 17 and through the BAAC A-Mobile application from June 17

Somkiat continued with the presence of savings deposits at Thaweechoke. Deposit money to receive interests With the opportunity to win prizes at the provincial level twice a year and nationwide once a year. A-Savings deposits, interest rate 0.50% per year and services through the BAAC A-Mobile application to allow mobile money transfers Comfortable, fast and easy, in addition to current deposits. Current deposits with special interest rates. Senior Savings for people over 50 and over, with interest rates of 0.50% per year. If the remaining balance is 20,000 baht or more, the interest will be paid at 0.99% per annum. It is used as a guarantee to request a loan at the interest rate of only 2.99 percent per year. You deposit a minimum of 1,000 baht, you receive an interest of 1.10 percent per year, no. Tax, fixed deposit of 24 days without expenses, deposit of 1,000 baht or more, but no more than 25,000 baht per month, you receive an interest of 2.50 percent per year.

"For those under the age of 7, but not more than 15 years old, signed and the same surname O family with children Or physical persons who want to deposit money for minors of no more than 15 years, the type of person # 39; interest of 1.50% per annum, the continuous deposit every month, every 1,000 baht, receives a bag of money annually between 500-1,000 baht with the possibility of winning. Receive scholarships Good savings with capital For people 7-year physicalities and undergraduate students Have the right to earn scholarships, including the service to request membership of the National Saving Fund (NSF), "said Somkiat.

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