Thursday , May 19 2022

"Songkla Songkhla Hospital" revealed 233 cases of mosquito fever in 5 districts


Songkla Songkla University "discovered" fever diseases in mosquitoes in the 5th district of Hat Ii Public Relations to speed up the breeding of mosquito larva according to 3.

On November 19, Uthidak Horrattanakul, director of the Public Health Office (Songkhla), discovered that from the epidemiological center, Hat Iai, Social Medicine. Hospital Hatiai There are 223 cases of chikungunia fever. From 1 January to 61, 223 patients with a disease rate of 70.13 to 100.000 inhabitants. In most of the 5 people there are no death reports, Klong Nam Kutao, Hat Iai, Kuan Lang and T. Quan.

Dr. Uthidak said the agency ordered it. A public relations alert in the 5 sub-districts of Hat Iai to accelerate the eradication of measures to raise the larvae of larva 3g is that the house holds the collected waste collected water around the house in a container with water. And be careful not to bite mosquitoes. Take medication for fertility Droplets of water for killing mosquito larvae to sleep.

"The symptoms of Chikungunia are high temperature, rash, muscle pain, bone or eye strain, and skin bleeding." The average age of mosquitoes is between 15 and 24. The disease is similar to Dengu but is not as severe as dengue fever. controlled, patients can experience shock and death. Do not panic, do not panic, "said Udomsak.

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