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Talk with the design engineer of the Sony WF-1000XM3. Why use LDAC without a wireless charge?


After the showdown, the news of the launch of the headphones that Sony fans have been waiting for, such as WF-1000XM3 recently. Recently, we have been invited by Sony to fly to his native land in Japan in Tokyo to experience the special experience of this handset. And, of course, the invasion arrived so far. Sony will also organize a desktop event for all media.Together with the engineer who developed this model directly, too! Well, let's see if there is any interesting question.

Do the headphones have a standard waterproof IPX rating?

There is no official IPX rank yet. But those who have used everything I said that can be used to run I apologize that we can not reveal much information in this section. (But do you think that in the next generation we will definitely contribute this point to the next level)

If one of the headphones is missing. How can we solve this problem?

You can contact the customer service department of each country. Each one has different methods to solve problems for customers

What is the most difficult point to design these headphones?

WF-1000xm3 can reduce the delay of the earliest earphones. Since the smartphone is connected simultaneously to the two headphones, at the same time, the left and right earphone buffers are made. Reduce the time to synchronize the two ears to help you solve the problem of not coinciding with the mouth.

The hardest part is the new way to connect the Sony WF-1000XM3, which has a much more complicated process. And it is also a very important point

What about the difficulty to improve sound quality?

The sound quality is not only in the headphones. But it will be related to connected devices But in this model, you can customize the EQ in the direction that the user wants.

If you want to change the same headsets with others, can you do it?

Sorry, you can not really (Haha)

Why does Sony's LDAP codec not support LDAC?

Because we want to emphasize that the Sony WF-1000XM3 has a longer use time. Consume less battery Including the importance of the signal of the two headphones that will not be lost. In fact, we understand that users need good quality audio files such as LDAC, but now for ears Listen to TrueVisions We would like to study more to ensure that the quality of these audio files work properly and efficiently in the TrueVisions headphones . But we believe that the chip of QNe1 processors of this model with DAC provides a very good sound quality, even without using LDAC.

Parts that do not support aptX because we also need to use chips or special CSR processors (now belonging to Qualcomm)

What inspired the design of the Sony WF-1000XM3?

The principle of this headphone design The concept is similar to the WF-1000X model, but it is different from what is in this model. It has simplicity, it is not attractive to stay in the definition of stillness and silence, like the one that has given this handset. To the users

Think of it in the future True Wireless headphones will become common headphones that everyone uses?

We focus on sound cutting. And the sound quality that identifies the identity of Sony, we study more about how to make the sound quality and the reduction of the surround sound better. But I should admit that earband earphones are even more popular.

Many high-fidelity headphones start making headphones and Sony plans to do so?

Um … Of course, we understand that the game headphone market is growing and … It may seem a traditional response, but we still can not comment on the headphones of the games. Ming

Why do you decide to bring the case with more headphones? And why cut off the wireless charge?

This is a larger battery that supports noise cancellation technology in this model so that it can be used for about 24 hours, which can be used for only one charge at 6 hours. We believe it is a normal time of use. Work while traveling With regard to wireless charging It is because we want to focus on a longer life span. We have to reduce this comfort in the Sony WF-1000XM3 headphone jack.


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