Tuesday , July 5 2022

The agent reveals that "Barza" wants "Lindelov": PPTVHD36


The future of Victor Lindeloff and the Manchester United giants of the English Premier League led to a question mark. After the private agent Confirmed the interest of Barcelona, ​​champion of the Spanish League, in the case of Majestic de Ligne, a young person from Ajax, who will start Juventus soon

Agent revealed
Agent reveals that "Barza" wants "Lindelov"

Hasan Kaya quercetin attributes States to want to shoot Harry Maguire defender Leicester City "goal Linder Lough of the giants of Europe, but starting States up to the club. One of England"

However, the champion of England, 20 times, reacted to "Barza" without sales ideas. Grade in Swedish national team That is limited to friends Before starting the preseason In Australia

It's a bad situation for Olek Nunzolcha, a Norwegian coach. So that the team moves into a new era Due to the loss of the main characters, including Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku, Alexis Sánchez and David De Kea, they still have the right to leave Old Trafford.

However, Seul Tea advised the team The change will happen shortly after the release of two players like Ander Herrera and Antonio Valencia and took Daniel James to the offensive line of Wales with Aaron Wan -Bissaka. Fullback, a distant future This summer

Both players are red. Practice in Perth. The game's first match saw Perth Glory on Saturday July 14 against Leeds United, the Champions League club, on July 17, before traveling to China to join the international battle. The 2019 Cup in Singapore is hosted by the Inter of Milan on July 20

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