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"The dollar is stable. While the Chinese-American commercial warfare continues to spread

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Bangkok Bank Currency Trading Department He informed that the currency market movement on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, the Baht currency opened the market this morning (15/5) at the level of 31.49 / 51 baht / US dollar. Can not change the market on Tuesday (14/5) at 31.49 / 51 baht / US dollar. Yesterday, US President Donald Trump confirmed that trade talks with China did not fail. And he argues that the tariff war is increasingly intense. "A little fight," which predicted this positively. In the future there will be a trade agreement with China. At the same time, John Williams, president of the Federal Reserve of the United States (Fed), said the New York branch. Measures to import Chinese products will increase US inflation. And it can reduce the rate of economic growth

This was reported by the US Department of Labor. Import prices increased less than anticipated in April, as the price of imports of goods of equipment fell by 0.4 % to April, which is considered the biggest drop of ten years and is a sign that influences. It can be kept to a low level for a while While the export price in the month In April, it increased 0.2% monthly. After an increase of 0.6% in March, prices for agricultural products fell by 1.5%, but prices for the export of non-agricultural products increased by 0.4%. US Before closing at 31.57 / 59 baht / US dollar

For the movement of the euro The euro opens today (15/5) at the level of 1,1206 / 08 USD / Euro. Discrediting the level of market closure on Tuesday (14/5) at the level of 1,1238 / 40 USD / euro. The euro was weakened after saying Mr. Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, Italy is prepared to violate the EU budget rules (EU) on debt levels. If this is necessary to stimulate employment According to officials from the European Union The decline in the fiscal position of the Italian government will cause Italy to violate the EU rules this year and next year, except that the government Italian will change its own policy if the EU chooses a severe approach. It will take disciplinary measures towards Italy And it can order to Italy that it is fit and on June 5 the EC will issue a report on the Italian finances and may request disciplinary measures. The final decision on this subject will depend on Mr. Jean-Klodungerker, President of the EC.

At the same time, the market is concerned that the commercial war between China and the United States can also be extended to Europe. The European Commission has recently revealed that the EU is carrying out a summary of US products that the EU will charge taxes should the United States impose taxes on cars from Europe. He expects President Trump to make a decision on May 18 and during the day, the euro moves in the framework of 1,1196-1,1221 US Dollar / Euro I closed the market at the level of 1,1208 / 11 USD / Euro

For the movement of the yen The value of the yen opened the market this morning (15/5) to 109.61 / 63 yen / US dollar. It has been slightly strengthened since the market closure on Tuesday (14/5) to 109.68 / 70 yen / US Dollar The Yen continues with the support of the intense commercial war in progress. As a result, investors increased Yen's equity stakes as a safe asset. During the day, the yen moved in the frame between 109.38-109.70 Yen / US dollar and closed the market at the level of 109.44 / 47 yen / US dollar

The main economic indicators in the United States include retail sales for April (15/5), the monthly production index. May of the Fed industry in New York (15/5) to April (15/5) Stock of the business sector in March (15/5) weekly weekly Claims (16/5) Monthly production index May at the Fed Philadelphia (16/5) April Conference Conference Indicators (17/5): The Consumer Confidence of the University of Michigan (17/5)

For the exchange rate of 1 month in the country month is -2.4 / -2.3 Satang / USD. And the coverage rate for one month in the morning is -4.0 / -2.5 dollars of state / dollar

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