Tuesday , October 26 2021

The eyes are really worried! She patrolled Nakhon Sawan Temple, looking for a four-year-old grandson all day after her mother took her.


The eyes are very worried! patrolling the temples of Nakhon Sawan, looking for a four-year-old grandson all day after his mother took him away, but did not find him, he finally had to return home sad.

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In the case of Mr. Boonlian, 71, and Ms. Banchong, 56, the husband and wife are looking for a 4-year-old nephew who was their biological mother, Ms. Wassana. of grandson brought I am afraid to sell it like the 3 previous children. According to the news already

Last progress, on September 25, 64, Boonlien and journalists inspected CCTV cameras at the Phai Thong gas station. On Nong Chang-Ban Rai Road, Nong Suang District, Nong Chang District, Uthai Thani Province, the photograph was found to have been captured on September 21, 64 at 8:30 a.m. He found Mrs. Wassana and her grandson riding a motorbike to buy bottled oil Then he left. Before the bike broke So he left it with the Laab Yaso restaurant, where Mrs. Wassana went to ask him to stay and sleep 2 nights.

After that, Mrs. Wassana went out to wait for a red minibus. Ban Rai-Uthai Thani Line to Uthai Thani Bus Terminal Taking a Van on the Route Uthai Thani – Nakhon Sawan After that, the Uthai Thani Province Police Investigation Team learned that Ms. Wassana and his son went to Wat Phrom Jariyawat, Nakhon Sawan province, to visit his mother, Mrs. Wannee.

At 18:00, Mr. Thanong Menpradap, the funeral home, stood in front of the pavilion. A boy was found entering the temple. and stood on the edge of the church opposite himself standing and observing themselves and inside the event with an orange T-shirt black shoulder bag It looks like someone is standing and waiting for someone. After a while, they both disappeared and asked their mother, Mrs. Wannee, who was Mrs. Wassana’s mother and Mr. Bunlian’s ex-wife inside the temple, knowing that she had moved for a long time. forecast for Wat Phutthamongkol Nimit. time.

After this, Boonlian followed Wat Phuttha Mongkhon Nimit. Meet the nun Nang Wannee in the face of abnormal symptoms After talking, we learned that Ms. Wassana was not coming. After that, Mr. Boonlien went out to look for five different temples in Nakhon Sawan province, but there was still no trace. I bought 2 bags of snacks to prepare my grandchildren. but he had to return home sad

Every place Mr. Boon Liam went, he left his phone number. along with asking for cooperation in rescuing Nakhon Sawan And police officers from Nakhon Sawan province are patrolling helping to investigate, all he is waiting for is a phone call. If anyone finds it, let us know at 080-106-9137.

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