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The "tears" are open, the drama fan club "Nobility Big". Extend to family


Make a strong heroine of the girl Animation-Thikamporn Ritthaphinan Even tears in the interview When answering questions about the drama after releasing a friendship with noble young people Big-Thanaphon Bencharongkul But it was rejected by some fans. I lied to deceive. Because before all this, there is not always talk about the state of being alone and the problem has continued to spread to his family.

This work Cheerthikhamporn I went out to clarify the time to start studying to see the mind with the great nobility in detail. Confirming that what I had said was not a lie. Prepared to do courage if you did not like it and you want to say that you are good. But he does not spread to his family

Asked about the drama after the opening of Big Benjarakkul?
"I have to tell you, because they have always sent us, but I have to tell you that. The last disc happiness can do many. People feel inaccessible. And understand yourself incorrectly. Because it is a very broad meaning. But first of all , I would like to apologize. If it is deceptive or to feel bad about each other To encourage in the sense that says We encourage you to know Big for 2 years. He said that he started being friends. Word explains that it's really friendship. "

"It is an interview every time he applauds, saying that the relationship does not develop. It is not really developed, it is a very good friend. We are together with friends. And this friendship is traveling to be friends of the same group. Eat together. Go together in the same group. That little by little we see a good friend. The glad words say that he is a good friend that keeps us forever. In his corner friends became friends. Not in the fact that we are concerts Confirming that it is not a concert For two years or a couple of years ago, then he got to launch, not really, we are very young. A friend is a friend And the words that animate, use this when they become a special person. There came a Joy and said that he was a special person. This is all the states that animate every time. It is the truth "

Maybe there are still fans who are attracted to the fact that in February we say that we are still simple, nobody has yet to flirt?
"That is to say this to applaud if the screams of incense to encourage singles and count as friends. The audience did not see who should have the opportunity. But when traveling as an entertainer, it goes to say And it makes one day feel this This person has always been good to us. Well with the friendship Well, although we can give more specialties than anyone else. But everything is caused by doing good things for yourselves. "

"What to say about the applause for lying? This is it, separate two of them. It's really just a cheerful And along the joy. This is a reference to Nong Tae Phongsakorn because in this case it is the case that applause of couples. Cheer always said that with Tei he was a younger brother. As colleague, Cheer never said that Tei is more than a couple. And a good companion. Animating. You want to reiterate this once again that, sometimes, you can to forget? "

People are back in the timeline. The interview, so we took it as a problem?
"Does he speak a little? Exciting and apologizing. Because of the words that animate, they say it's a fairly broad word. Now, the interpretation comes out. Both presentations of news. Or sometimes news. Sometimes writing headlines We've been leaving. for a long time and we have just published it. This is clearly encouraging that it is not like that. "

Are you friends before?
"Yes, they are really friends. And the words encouraging said they had only opened their hearts. It's just an open mind. You just have to open your heart.

Encouraging with the great nobility

Previously, we used to say that we do not like the nobility. If you really flirt, have you been a fan for a long time?
"Cheerful words say that it does not limit people who encourage them to like themselves merely to be nobility. Or it must be someone who has a status, it's not because if we focus on the definitions to choose anyone who has a good profile, all probably we would like a lot of time. This does not mean that we definitely think we do not like it. It's not like that. We're really good people. "

Are you tired of being interviewed? What are the problems?
"He is not tired because he is the basis of what happens in his interest to us for his love for us. Therefore, this love is always in love. But if one day, if there is something that makes it impossible to understand it. If you applaud, We apologize, encourage yourself, apologize for being applauded, you have never given them priority. Think of it forever. But today, if you do not understand it, it's a sincere joy to say this. This is the animation. Or the happiness that joins If today's joy makes him unhappy, perhaps with anything but lesser, he always said he was at a comfortable point. If he is not happy today, it's fine. But yes Today we listened to the speech of congratulations and I was happy to be together. The allusion will be delighted and thank you very much, because it gives importance and I thank you forever "

Can you get it if some fans disappear?
"You must definitely accept it. We are in the industry. People who have been with us. They have changed like others. Or they disappear with some work. With many things. That may have disappeared. We have always seen that it has been circulating. Even ours We used to be an actor – actor. One day we grew up. We did not like that person. We did not follow it. We encourage you to see that it is very normal. There is nothing lasting. It has changed forever. "

Does this news hurt our hearts?
"We're sorry? It felt the impact of the mind. Because we feel that we value Doni always thanks to those who love us. But some animated words felt that something could be heard without understanding it. But come use very strong words with joy (tears) I went to talk with the family, cheering badly It's with joy. But to talk with Mae Cheer That the brother applauded Go to this entertaining brother I went to hit the face I was lying But it is a very hard and rude speech Without saying to us really, we also feel sorry, there is nothing that is reduced to animate. Do not go to other people like this. And most importantly, the family encouraging, did nothing "

"There is a statement that some deceptive, false, are encouraging. This, we are talking constantly, is not that we are good friends? They are only friends. They are only brothers. That is, there may be fans who return home. carry the goods all the time, take rice, take something for a while And the fact that Ma Cheer took the goods It is a kindness that we like to keep friendship. It's the kindness it brings together It's a very nice thing But today it turns out that this tenacity is seen. It became a difficult word that came back. It's joyful. Please, do not put anything in the family with this kind of joy. "

Secret tears on this matter?
"Now it's just a waste (river)"

Did you contact or asked us?
"This has no chance to speak, but this story is caused by a lack of understanding of applause. So, you want to listen here and use your judgment to see what it is like. If you feel comfortable, it will stay or L & # Happiness wants more comfort. Because our foundation is born of love "

Will the couple be closed? If it's so intense?
"It's to cheer up, it's not about her. How did you say if someone wants to be a support person or not? This is your right. But working the excitement. Or what will happen to joy? Still. continued This is not the first couple to spend. To cheer up, it was a pair of Jin and Phi Kan Kantawon until Phi Kan got married. There were still people who saw tenderness when they were together with Mother Aniriam, even fans Anshi also encouraged us all. It was mentioned that he was relocating with special people. He is still encouraging all the time, really having to say that there are many spirits sent to him. It is not that things that do not They hear from the shore of the bear. You have to use the word baby bear. It's a baby bear that has a lot of understanding. But those who do not understand it

On the large side, how was it encouraged in that?
"No, as I said, encouraging, I feel that this story is caused by applause. An entertainer wanted to manage it for himself. I have not said anything to listen to or do not want to worry about something about animation?"

What would you like to say to a family of bears who could not understand us?
"We encourage everyone to leave. However, it depends on the person who hears how to feel encouraged."

>> "Cheerthikhamporn" threw and lost kindness. "Hi, great" he changed the word to a special person.

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