Saturday , May 8 2021

Vat Phutthaisan all the abilities! I will face the sweat of the bride (piston).

Khun Chae groom is very energetic. For the wedding of many people waiting for Jian – Varranean Nile and Khot – Pritchai Kasetsart. Last November, 16th, the wedding was good. Among the guests and families are overwhelmed.

But more than that, the bride and groom will meet with a young man. Not very easy to pass through the gates of the golden gate. Show talent around the repertoire live. I like to play ten languages, Hui plays Hula Hoop officially than to find a young person to play sweat. It's fun to follow. This is very nice for a beautiful bride.

Thank you. purelove.pushfamili # pjthevedding2018

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