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View Home (DOHOME) advances with the stock market and plans to expand its new offices in Thailand: the wholesale of construction materials and complete home accessories.


"DOHOME", one of the leading retailers: wholesalers Announcement of the plan for the initial public offer (IPO) of no more than 465,040,000 shares and may have an allocation of more than 56,160,000 shares that will be listed in the SET . And announced a new branch expansion strategy and a small branch under the name of "DoHome To Go", hoping to increase the proportion of income of the products under the brand of DOHOME (House Brand) at 20% of income from sales and service fees for the year 2022 to generate growth Continuous What is expected to enter the SET during the third quarter of this year

Mr. Adisak Mitrpracha The general director of DuHome Public Company Limited or DOHOME said that "DOHOME operates retail-wholesale businesses. And offer products of unique destination for the home, focusing on developing and offering various and complete quality products At a price which can compete under the concept of "being well, well … looking at home" for more than 36 years, which is accepted by all the target customers. In the past, DOHOME had prepared Both of them have an executive team and a professional team with experience and experience Opening of a distribution center Includes the planning of expansion of new branches to potential areas Support the expansion of the construction materials and equipment industry for the home decoration Including the expansion of urban society and the increase in demand for target customers To create continuous growth and strong returns for DOHOME "

As of March 31, 2016, DOHOME has 9 branches: Ubon Ratchathani, Nakhon Ratchasima, Rangsit, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Branch 2, Bang Bua Thong, Chiang Mai and Bang Na. The sales and warehouse areas are approximately 35,000 to 65,000 square meters per branch. Includes a distribution center in the Pathum Thani province By dividing the products sold into 3 main groups, that is, the group of building materials Repair equipment group and decorative materials Includes more than 135,000 articles (SKUs)

In addition, DOHOME sells more than 20,000 products under the brand of DOHOME (House Brand) (SKUs), such as hand tools, hardware of doors, tiles, sanitary ware and other electrical appliances, which are quality products at competitive prices. Including the development of online distribution channels That can respond to changing the customers' lifestyle And with broad and deep product features Competitive price and full service That includes delivery services Maintenance and repair services Assembly and service services installation Consulting services and decorative design operations And special contracting services: DOHOME intends to meet the needs of each group of customers. Both retail clients, merchants, contractors and projects work Government agencies and state-owned companies

Mrs. Salilthip Ruangsuttilp The Deputy General Director of Accounting, financing and corporate support, DuHome Public Company Limited said: "Even now, DOHOME will have a strong income base from the provision of services through the 9 major branches. DOHOME does not stop thinking, developing and creating strategies for the continued growth of DOHOME plans to expand offices in all regions of the country With the goal of opening a new big branch with another area small With an average sales area of ​​23,000 square meters per store and a total of 7 offices within 2021 in key districts. What still maintains the integrity of the product, unlike the same branch. Including the development of a model of " Expansion of a small branch with the name of "Dohome To Go", which has an average area of ​​about 300 – 1,000 square meters, including 90 offices in 2021, with plans to open for the service at the center as Supermarket and hypermarkets To reach small customers Only customers who live in cities that want to repair, renovate, decorate the house and can better serve the lifestyle of modern consumers Including being able to increase flexibility and speed of the expansion of the branch of DOHOME in the future ".

"In addition, DOHOME also plans to increase the proportion of income from the sale of branded housing products, which have an average gross margin over brand products that do not belong to the home through the selection of products to meet the purchase needs of targeted customers according to Each new branch form With the objective of revenue ratio of Brand House products about 30% for small branches or "Dohome To Go", including strategies to increase operational efficiency From the opening of the distribution center (distribution center) in June 2018, which has 41,580 square meters of warehouse space in the province of Pathum Thani, which is convenient Accept, pay and deliver products to DOHOME clients and branches both now and in the future I is currently in the process of installing an automated storage system (ASRS) that will help DOHOME manage inventory more efficiently. Reduce the number of & # 39; warehouse employees and help reduce the cost of storing and transporting goods in the future, "said Mrs. Salilthip.

DOHOME has strong operating results: in 2018, total revenues were 18,535.17 million baht. In the last 3 years, the proportion of income of the group of construction materials was approximately 46-49%. 38% and the proportion of income from finished materials from 15% to 17%. In addition, in the first quarter of 2002, DOHOME earned a total income of 4,980.24 million baht and a net profit of 246.68 million baht, which is higher than the same quarter of the previous year. With a total income of 4,940.12 million baht and a net profit of 185.63 million baht due to the increase in the proportion of home brand products, which is a group with a high gross margin

While the proportion of revenues from the sale of Brand House products during the period 2016-2018 has increased continuously, which represented 11.4%, 14.3% and 14.4% of sales and revenue of services, respectively. In the first quarter of 2002, the proportion was 14.5%, with the objective of 2022, to increase the proportion of revenue from product sales. House Brand is 20% of total sales and services

Mr. Anuwat Ruensuk, Chief Financial Officer of Capital Markets Phatra Securities Public Company Limited, one of the financial advisors and the distribution and insurers, said: "This OPV is an important step in supporting commercial operations and creating the growth of DOHOME to become a leader in the wholesale, retail and material services industries. Construction and complete equipment for home decoration And it is considered a good opportunity for all investors to participate in a continuous growth with DOHOME under the management of Professional executives and teams with experience and experience over 36 years

Offering these ordinary shares There will be no more than 465,040.00 ordinary shares or 25.1% of the total ordinary shares issued and paid out of the Company. After this offer of IPO includes The offer of no more than 456,160.00 ordinary shares of the Company and the offer of existing ordinary shares not exceeding 8,880,000 shares. In addition, there can be an allocation of no more than 56,160,000 shares. Total amount not exceeding 521,200,000 shares or equivalent to no more than 28.1% of the total issued and paid shares of the Company. After this offer (In case you exercise the right to acquire the total amount of ordinary shares) "

The establishment of the excess stock is intended to help stabilize the price of the shares offered in the stock exchange of Thailand within 30 days after the date on which the shares of DOHOME are quoted and quoted on the Thai stock exchange on first day. Granting rights to surplus suppliers (One of the distribution and warranty managers) can help stabilize stock prices. In the event that market conditions may fluctuate, there may be the possibility that the price of the shares is lower than the bid price.

Mr Phongsak Prukpaisan, CEO Kasikorn Securities Public Company Limited added, "For the progress of DOHOME registration on the Thai stock exchange After submitting a request for a sale of securities and presentation form, "information to the Securities Commission (SEC) to request the initial public offer of issues (IPO) that is currently allowed to offer IPO to the public for the first time and is in the process of meeting with institutional and individual investors to provide information before determining the final offer price

DOHOME has the goal of raising funds to support investment in business expansion. Develop IT systems Pay the loan from the financial institution and use it as a working capital. Kasikorn Securities Public Company Limited and Phatra Securities Public Company Limited act as financial advisers. And the distribution and guarantee managers that the company plans to exchange on the stock market. Under the abbreviation "DOHOME" in the category of commerce (trade) in the third quarter of this year "

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