Thursday , October 6 2022

You … no single serving "The night in the stars full of stars" was released. Plane appeared in surprise!


Surprise for the beginning of the year It is also a new phenomenon in the Thai music industry. When the beautiful J-Jee label released music videos "One night in the sky full of stars" This covered the cover again The head of Jinnat Wattanasin

This work in addition "One night in the sky full of stars" The head version will add raps that you have heard and should cry. Get a good producer like Chile de Chirasak Bush Take care completely of this work and I can ZiggaVoy The rapper who has passed the contest, either now is Rap and Show Me The Money, is the author of Rymhe rap for this song.

And that is indispensable Special guest, Praewanika Pattama Singh Na Ayudhya, who came to create a colorful music video for this song!

By the CEO Camp Jetrin Post a message on Facebook. Jetrin Wattanasin says

The head, the night the star is full

"I would like to have permission to capture, share the feelings of the owner of the field with the artists of the field called Boss. I am very grateful. In the love that he has for his fans. His dedication to work. As we know this The head of the high school is still studying abroad There is an official hour in Thailand, only 4 months in 1 year. Go and go every time you return. Work in the recording room. Music video Take the magazine coverage, take an event, take a picture, advertise, perform concerts and many more. You rarely have time to travel. Meeting with friends at the age that must be L & # 39; Last Christmas, just 3 weeks ago, he entered the VDO music recording studio until he left as a song. The night that the stars are full of stars According to the contract, he will have a gift of # new year for the followers. With all their batteries with music vdo, the opening night song the sky For fans to watch on YouTube, jaymidichannel, let the fans head to help animate, share and animate. Also encourage the work of this song and other songs from the head. Thanks to all, I also thank the boss. ? # Jamey #jaonaay "

The head, the night the stars are full of sky

Fans can follow the news updates, the results of the lead with the last single. "One night in the sky full of stars" Under the supervision of the Jaymee record label via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube JaymidiChannel Or download music through iTunes / Apple Music / Spotify / Joox

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