Thursday , May 19 2022

10% of people over 40 years old and over with HOBP


School of Medicine, University of Gaza, Department of Pubic Medicine Doctor Can Ozturk, has about 3 million COPD patients in Turkey and reached 40 percent of women, said the patient's rate.

COPD, which is caused by the dependence on cigarettes and other tobacco products and the causes of exposure to biofuels, is seen in 10% of the population over 40 years of age and more.2-3 Early diagnosis and proper training of special patient devices are important.

On the occasion of the 21st of November, the World Day of HOBP, the President of the Society for Patients with HOBP. Doctor Prof. Dr. Mecit Suerdem and Department of Pubic Chests of the University of Gazi Doctor Can Ozturk give a statement of the disease, which has become a prominent public health problem.


In Turkey, stressing that 3 million of patients with HOBP Prof. Doctor Unfortunately, women also increase the rate of smoking, and 40% of patients with COPD are women, "he said. Ozturk said that patients are late in treatment."

Professor Doctor Ozturk, smoking, as well as cooking in a stove, the use of furnaces on coal in the home environment, exposure to dust also caused pronounced disease conditions.


The results of the HOBP studies, which are common but not known in the society, have been published. Doctor "The illness is diagnosed late and at least two-thirds of patients remain inadequate for many years, a serious problem," said Mecit Suerdem. Suerdem also highlighted problems during diagnosis and treatment, as well as the causes of the disease. stressed that delayed treatment and proper use of drugs worsen the patient's condition and increase health costs. Suerdem shared the details of the research in the following way: "Although HOBP is usually a disease that began after 35 and 40 years of age, 47% of patients in one study and 74% over 60 years of age were over 60 years old, 35% of patients who received a serious and very serious phase of the patients.4 The first diagnosis of 55 percent of histopathology in patients smoking smoking cigarettes.

Suerdem summarizes what should be done for success in treating HOBP: "We see that patients with COPD and communities do not have enough knowledge; it is necessary to create staff for nurses."

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