Thursday , December 9 2021

5-year interest


Treasury, which annulled three domestic borrowing tenders in connection with a reduction in financing needs, thanks to the issuance of bonds of $ 9 billion in foreign markets and austerity measures under the New Economic Program, limited borrowing to two auctions held yesterday, while a historical decline in interest has been experienced.

Below the level of July 9th

At the five-year auction auction held by the Treasury, the interest rate fell to 17.67 percent after the June 24th election, which is below the level of government bidding since 9 July. Increased interest in Turkish property was mirrored in the secondary market. The interest rate from 10 years to 16.46 percent and the two-year interest rate fell to 21 percent.

The offer is 25 times the net sales

Treasury held two loans for loans yesterday. The net sales amounted to 82.4 million TL, compared with the TL offer of 1 billion 560 million TL at auction with a maturity of 13 months.

The interest rate was 19.73 percent. At auction sales for 5 years, net sales amounted to 78 million lire, compared with 1 billion 845 million lire. The amount of bid in the tender reached 25 times the net sales.

At the auction auction of 5 years, the interest rate fell by 3.75 basis points from the previous month's auction to 17.67 from 21.42 percent. After the June 24th election, the five-year auction auction held on 9 July was 18.08.

ROT offer in two bonds 8.2 billion TL

After the exchange rate attack, the interest rate on the said bond amounted to 22 percent. Rota two bonds amounted to 8.2 billion TL, while sales amounted to 301 million TL. On the other hand, sales amounted to 1.5 billion TL. Total treasury debt amounted to 1.9 billion TL.

Movement of interest rates in a five-year bond

Tender date Interest rate (%)

January 22, 2018 12.61

12 February 2018 12.47

March 13, 2018 13.30

April 17, 2018 13.60

May 15, 2018 16.61

June 18, 2018 17.24

9 July 2018 18.08

August 7, 2018. 22/10

23 October 2018 21.42

November 12, 2018. 17.67. – Istanbul

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