Thursday , October 6 2022

A hidden pawn in fuel – Economy News


BP, OPET, Petrol Ofisi and Shell & Turcas made a steady increase of 1-2 fuel cruises in two-week intervals, while the Competition Authority worked together at the end of September to file an investigation based on a profit margin and a price fix.

There were intense complaints from citizens at gas stations that for several weeks the increase of 1-2 corners rose. A study of where the increase came from moving the exchange rate of the cabinet to prevent the increase in the fuel consumption of the company's citizens before the system in May, in order to reduce the distribution company's profits up to 16 cents of pumping stations were determined to be removed by these hidden increases.

It was found that excise power was not reflected in the prices of fuel importers, especially with equalization of power. Price differences are not reflected in fuel prices before raising expectations of an increase of 43-45 cents. In this regard, BP, OPET, Petrol Ofisi and Shell & Turcas, led by distribution companies, despite the implementation of the SCT reduction, TUPRAS and EMRA claim it is an increase. These fuel distribution companies, claiming that the hike was blocked, began to reflect the losses of pump stations that were in the factory that day.


It was found that fuel distribution companies did not make a project before half of the damage in connection with the growth of pumping stations of 43-45 cents. BP, OPET, Petrol Ofisi and Shell & Turcas also reflected half of the 22-23 pupils who appeared after dividing half of the 43-45 corners with the profit of the distributors and dealers, again reflecting on the stations and staying at the stations 12-13 kurush profit margins.


In this regard, four distribution companies, working together in this respect, began to abuse colleagues, timely representation of pumping stations in order to allow the stations to reduce the amount of profit, it was established that the citizen to avoid the eyes of small product growth. Some station owners have said that it has so far increased by 7 to 8 cents.

70% of 1 receives the LEAD

Therefore, over time, the profit it receives from the dealer now returns to the dealer by being slightly increased in the form of the ability of distribution companies to continue with telecom. She noticed that many citizens missed this situation. In the meantime, the distribution station 1 percent of the 70 percent increase in 30 percent of retailers has decided to leave.


The refinery determines fuel prices within the formula set by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA). Prices, duty-free price refineries + excise + EMRA share + VAT = refinery price is applied in the form. The selling price of the pump is called the selling price recommended by the distribution house. The refinery is determined by a formula that is determined by the EMRA and the profit of the distributor-dealer.


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