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According to the algorithm developed at the Technical University of Munich


The computer students of the Technical University of Munich developed an algorithm and predicted who would be located at the Throne of Iron for Game of Thrones.

Deutsche Welle (DW) reported that the final of the students of the Technical University of Munich developed an algorithm that predicted what character would win in the highly anticipated Game of Thrones series.

According to the Iron Throne algorithm, which is based on the name of "Targaryen House," will be the Khaleesi of the Great Desert, the Mother of the Dragon, the Breaking Daenerys Stormtinad chain.

Students developed the algorithm based on deaths in the cult series. According to this, the survival possibilities of the Danenerys before the eighth and last season were 99 percent, while Tyrion Lannister, of Lannister House, had a 97 percent chance of survival. One of the most beloved characters in the series, "King of the North", Jon Snow's death rate was recorded by 12%. Saydam, the eldest daughter of Stark Hanesi, had a 73 percent chance of dying in the final season.

The students who did a programming course at the university developed an application that compiled and worked on Game Thrones on the Internet. In this way, the characters of the next character try to determine the next dead character.

Two years ago, the students had predicted deaths in the sixth season. The students claimed that they played an important role in predicting how many people died around the character at that time. Gender is also effective among risk factors. The game men of Game of Thrones live a more risky life than women.

The developed algorithm successfully predicted that Jon Snow would be resurrected at the beginning of the sixth season in 2016, but it was wrong in his prediction that Daenerys Targaryen would die. According to computer science, Daenerys is the closest name to the Iron Throne, which is currently fighting on the Game of Thrones.

The first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones, which is visited by millions of people around the world, will be released on April 14.

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