Saturday , August 13 2022

According to the research, uncomfortable bowel syndrome ruins sex life of 1 out of 5 women



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Almost half of women suffer from restless intestinal syndrome and, therefore, can not achieve the desired performance in their sex life.

According to a new Healthista study, 41% of women with restless bowel syndrome have not been diagnosed until recently, according to The Sun of Onedio. The results of the study performed by the probiotic system Alflorex, which included 1,600 British women aged 25-65 years, showed that 20% of the responses to the study, especially the problem of swelling, go prevent women from opening their body to a new partner.

Gastroentrelog's doctor Simon Smale said that most of the women who came to him were concerned about the symptoms they experienced:

As a result, women tend to be worried about the effects of intestinal symptoms in their relationships, but when I speak with their partners, I find that they are less concerned about them. It is very difficult. "

This feeling of shame makes women scared at the time of gasoline at the wrong time and stay away from sex. The gas accumulated in the stomach is the most shameful. So how many of you feel comfortable, especially when it comes to a fact that is facing a newcomer to your life? Exactly because of this embarrassment, almost 30 percent of women suffer enormous pain while maintaining gas for a long time.

Anna Magee, editor of Healthista, made the following comments:

"Many people tell their partner about their intestinal symptoms in the first three or three months of their relationship, 7% of them share a year with their partner and 5% of those who have had a long relationship Terms are not yet open to its partners. "

Dr. Smale affirmed that this feeling of shame is cultural:

"As far as we know, a third of those with restless bowel syndrome are men, but when we talked about it in the past, men did not care about them. Instead, it is related to social expectations. Gas sol consisted of the fermentation of sugar into the large intestine. It is also caused by carbonated drinks and mineral water. "

Is it harmful to keep gas?

"It can make you feel uncomfortable, but do not get worse or cause a serious situation. At this time, stretch your back, lift your hip, throw a leg to the other knee. You can remove the gas.

Dr. Smale also recommends extending the feet to the stool when you have a bath when experiencing constipation:

"Squat stroke movements are more natural for people, because they fit in with our way of doing in the forests and in our way of creating."

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