Tuesday , October 19 2021

Adnan Koc detained remanded drugs


The trial of Adnan Koco and his brothers, who along with their brothers were arrested during the drug operation in Atashehir and who were detained for me to climb together with more than one person's urge, resisted not being obliged and deprived of their liberty card. The court ruled that the brother and sister should be evacuated while evacuating.


The court ruled that Adnan Koc and Mehmet Hairi Koc must be released and that Ahmet Koc had to remain in detention. There was an interesting dialogue between the court president and the police. A policeman, who was examined as an appellant, said that the detainee Ahmet Koc killed a policeman S.I. The President of the Court also said: "Already on the ground, insha. There is one meter between them." The Istanbul Heavy Criminal Court 3 held a hearing today, at the same time detainees Adnan Koc, Ahmet Koc, Mehmet Hairi Koc, detained the accused Sheikhler and Mehmet Pinarbasi and lawyers attending. Police officers complained about E.H., M.K. and Z.M.D. he was present at the hearing.

"I was drinking it with the effect of an artistic chamber"

Closed accused Adnan Koc, "I am people who do not smoke, I was divorced, I went through bad weather, I used drugs under the influence of the art community," he said. Coach, "a pistol that fell on the ground while I took the gun in my hand, I did not take the gun, but I certainly did not point my gun at him and I did not beat him. I did not believe they believed the police," he said.

The Accused Accused Tanıl Mehmet, a drug investigation, which led to the commencement of an investigation into his clients, made a decision not to prosecute, his clients did not represent the crime of attempted murder that they wanted to decide on evictions.


According to the indictment prepared by the Chief Public Prosecutor in Anatolia, Sinan Bozburun was following up for a drug investigation and stated that Bozburun was giving substance to Adnan Koc in Atasehir Park on March 15, 2018. Adnan Koc took a cure at the café, searched for a substance search substance in a drug-trafficking indictment, the highest-ranking search for medicines rated Ahmet Kocin recorded.

It is alleged that during the incident police officers M.K., S.I., M.K., Z.M., Z.H., S.B., were injured, while the suspects resisted the detention, the police took a pistol and kept them in the crowd and tried to kill them. In the indictment, Adnan Koc, Ahmet Koc and Mehmet Hairi Koc "attempt to deliberately kill a public official for their duties to hide, destroy and eliminate evidence of a criminal offense", "Publicly insulting a public official for his duties as a chain chain" not to perform his duty "," as a chain of civil servants with more than one person to deprive of liberty with weapons "and" unlicensed possession of weapons "separate from crimes 45 years 3 months 15 days 90 years 7 months months 15 imprisonments are requested to date.

Mehmet Hairi for "public property damage", the indictment was requested from 1 to 4 years in prison, the suspects were taken to the station where they are suspected of arresting the suspects Seihmus Koc and Mehmet Pınarbası, "deliberately wounding", "publicly because of their function as chains ". public insult "," the manner in which public officials function in the resistance chain, "" more than one person to avoid algebra and threat ", to allow five years in prison from 5 to 24 years of age, each of them is sentenced to imprisonment.

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