Sunday , October 2 2022

Aikut Kocaman officially in Koniaspor!


Atiker Koniaspor Club, coach Aikut Kocaman officially announced. A 53-year-old man with a 2.5-year contract on November 19 will be signed on Saturday.

Athletic Toto Super League teams Atiker Koniaspor 'Riza Calımbai' a vacant position for the coach, the final run of Fenerbahçe Aikut Kocman was officially announced.

First Aikut Kocman exam in Galatasaray

Atiker Koniaspor, who won the last match in Ankaragucu, will meet Galatasaray on November 23 after a break due to national matches. Aikut Kocaman, Atiker Koniaspor will fight Galatasaray at the first test.

Fenerbahce was sent by his assistants

According to the Agency news; Aikut Kocman sent Fenerbahce Turgay Altay, Alper Asci and goalkeeper Murat Ozturk will work again.

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