Monday , April 12 2021

American doctor’s black tea recommendation against coronavirus. News

Black tea crown recommendation from American doctor!

“Solution for allergies: how do we get sick, how do we cure?” Dr. Leo Galland made statements about the measures to be taken against the coronavirus, which affects everyone.

Explaining that Covid-19 is a disease that affects not only the immune system but also the person’s metabolism, Dr. “That’s why diabetics and overweight people are at great risk,” says Leo Galland. Therefore, a diet that improves metabolism will be protective. Zinc is especially important. There is evidence of this. Bioflavonoids found in fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices significantly affect the body’s response to the virus. The first thing you need to do is adopt a diet consisting of natural foods, including nuts, seeds, vegetables, fish and seafood.


Stressing that tea is very useful in fighting the virus, Dr. “Some substances found in black tea instead of green tea prevent the virus from multiplying,” says Leo Galland. Also, tea should not be drunk with milk because milk prevents the absorption of what we need. You need to drink the tea as is. In addition, there is some evidence that melatonin is beneficial. People taking melatonin supplements are less likely to get Covid-19. “This is probably due to the anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effect of melatonin.”


Explaining that there are also herbs and plants that will be used to boost immunity in the fight against coronavirus, Dr. “There are also a lot of spices and herbs you can use,” says Leo Galland.

Black seed is among my favorites. Black seed, one of the healthiest staple foods consumed in West Asia for over a thousand years, has antiviral effects. It may not be Covid-19, but the anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects of black seed have been revealed in clinical trials with people with the hepatitis virus. If I had to choose only one healthy food, I would choose black seed. The most active ingredients in black seed oil are found in its oil.

You can buy fresh seeds and grind them. It is very soft. It has a very pleasant aroma. “Substances that cause anti-inflammatory effects are mostly found in their oil.”


Claiming that he supports coronavirus vaccines, Dr. Leo Galland suggested the combination of vaccination and natural nutrition and went on to say: “I think Covid-19 vaccines will make a big difference in the world. But that will take a while. What worries me here is that many different approaches have been overlooked in this trillion-dollar race to develop vaccines and drugs. I have written some articles on this topic and posted them on my website. I looked for natural products that would help reduce the effect of the virus and prevent transmission. I have used many of these products in my clinical practice. I am very happy with the results I have seen so far. Of course, this is not controlled data. The experience I have gained from the patients I have treated. The black seed is one of them. Curcumin, a species native to South Asia, is another. It is also necessary to add resveratro, which is found in black grapes. They all have important anti-inflammatory, antiviral and protective effects.

We will need both a vaccine and a natural remedy. We don’t know if vaccines prevent the virus from spreading. This is one of the most important problems with vaccines. Vaccines, the data of which are published, ensure that people do not get sick, do not fall in hospitals and save lives. So far, great. However, we do not know whether these vaccines are effective in terms of virus contagion. I hope that this problem will be solved in the coming months of 2021. Natural products are also part of this process. “


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