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Behind the transfer of Mitroglou Galatasaray

In the morning, the management of Sar-krlzl for Kostas Mitroglou, who came to Istanbul from France, made an early clarification of PD. The player then took control of salk. Galatasaray 1.5 million euros this season, 1.5 million rental euros and 2.6 million euros next season. I made you-krmzl kulbn formasn with the first transfer of the Greek soccer player


He made 15 Premier League matches, including the old club in the city of Cardiff, Benfica, the 30th Greek goleador who created the dream for 15 million euros in testimonies and created the dream. However, e faktr came into play and the player chose Galatasaray. Mitroglou, who was Ei Trk, also grew up in Istanbul. The Greek golque did not even market money and agreed to a fine of 2.6 million euros in Marseille (2.6 million euros). The soccer player will play in the team of the Sper League, who will play with Spinnakpor.


The new transfer Kostas Mitroglou reached the world in Kavala, Greece. Amplitude came with her family in Germany. This is where Savvas begins working next to his uncle. On the 17th, he became a professional at Mnchengladbach. First hand U19 to the Bundesliga. The Greek national field, who soon discovered his talents, invited him to be the first to play U19 Manda. Olympiakos, who was influenced by his performance, mobilized him to win. The football player who moved to Olympiakos at the request of his father, here is the ballad "Mitrogol". Meanwhile, the Mitroglou stadium was determined in TT at the goals stadium. After the goals of Gomis, Aleyna Fox, "If You Were Alright". Greek player's goal atnca stat speakerrnden sirtaki celebration with mzii.

Levent Tzemen
G .. Sarah, broke the psychology of Baakehir!
Baakehir, from 35 to the right of Robinho, 34 in the next Demba Ba signed the signing on 19.05. Mza watches 19.05 as the signing of the transfer of Galatasaray's psychologically injured. With Marcao, the transfer of two goals, Diagne and Mitroglou, has destroyed the psychology of Baakehir. With Robinho Demba Ba tribnlere there are no 50 thousand spectators. The Diagne-Mitroglou duo turns Trk Telekom into tribunes. Mbaye Diagne, Galatasaray's goal score, such as zecei, will not have any compliance problem. Diagne, who uses the two counts in the goal scorer, can also make effective shots. Kostas Mitroglou is an unimaginable golco in binary minds. Marcao marks the left but still. His technique focuses on his attention and his calmness. Luyindama with a height of 1.91 is fitted to air balls with physics gl. Sonut a; Transfers between Galatasaray and Baakehir are similar to Sadrazam Sokullu's "Beam Crossing with Arm Court" story.

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