Monday , December 6 2021

Charles Hoskinson: Right now there is a lot of mobility in Cardano


In a recent video, IOHK founder shared how to complete the Cardano roadmap and what improvements can be expected in April and the rest of the year.

IOHK is Cardano’s development company. It was created by Hoskinson, who is also a co-founder of Ethereum. Cardano and IOHK founder stated that “there is a lot of activity” in Cardano right now.

Speaking of the roadmap, he highlighted these developments, especially native tokens, peer-to-peer transactions and smart contracts issued to Cardano.

The huge amount of activity Honkinson is referring to includes a lot of NFTs issued (non-fungible tokens) and assets created in Cardano.

After consulting the site, Hoskinson said there are 18,460 assets created in this blockchain. “The network is growing fast and it’s great to see it.” he continued his words.

During his previous posts, the CEO said he thought ADA could reach $ 10 in the future. However, he also made it clear that he was against speculating on the performance of the witness.

“If the ADA is a penny, a dollar, or a dollar, let me be honest; this is my life’s work. I’ll keep trying to work on it. We’re here.”

ADA was worth only $ 0.018 in March last year. As of Feb. 27, 2021, it had risen 8,122 percent to an all-time high of $ 1.48. Currently, its value is $ 1.32.

If Cardano can continue with the plans outlined in the roadmap, the HFC (hard fork) Alonzo event will be announced in Cardano 360 Episode in late April. The founder of IOHK stated that even if these events can happen after a while, they will still happen soon.

Aside from that, Hoskinson said the Pluto Pioneer program also continues. This program will receive full support when Alonzo is broadcast. Plutus Pioneer is a program to recruit and train Cardano developers in Plutus, the Cardano-based smart contract environment.

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