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Death is a click away – Latest news


Mahmut Can Kalkan, a student at the Department of Chemistry at Dokuz Eylul University, prepared a prepared potato cyanide syrup, who asked for the Internet and served his father Mehmet Kalkan with his Fatma mother (39). After the pair of shields of the liquid fainted. This time, Mahmut Can Kalkan wanted to drink the liquid from his brother Emir Can (16). However, when Emir Can reacted to the discomfort of his parents, the cup was demolished and the liquid spilled over them. Mahmut Can Kalkan and his brother Emir Can, as well as his younger siblings, Mehmet Taha (4), were influenced by this liquid. The partners of Fatma and Mehmet Kalkan died and their children were given discharge after treatment.


Mahmut Can Kalkan, detained and diagnosed with schizophrenia in the hospital where he was subjected to health control, was arrested in the court where he was transferred and to the court where he was transferred. The other two brothers were brought by their relatives to Yozgat where they buried the funerals of their parents.


The incident has surprised relatives and family friends. Mehmet Kalkan, who works as a regional manager in a large electronics company, told his friends that he has a successful career and is constantly striving to be an example of his personal development and his children. At age 40, he learned English and worked as a professor at Dokuz Eylül University for a semester and began his PhD studies in business, management, marketing and support services at a private university in 2017.


Principal physician at the University Hospital of Ege Dr. Tuncay Göksel, two brothers who were under surveillance for a while, said that the state of health was good and that they were terminated yesterday evening.


After the horrible incident, the discussion began on the sale of substances, which lead to death as cyanide and have negative effects on human health.

Faculty of Sciences at Hacettepe University, Department of Chemistry. Dr. Abdulkerim Karabakan stated that he did not find the right to sell chemicals that directly affect human health in an uncontrolled way and that he should know the cyanide.

Faculty of Sciences at Hacettepe University, Department of Chemistry. Dr. Abdulkerim Karabakan noted the uncontrolled sale of chemicals in some Internet sites and said that these articles should be sold by the authorized authorities and that the cyanide substance that was ordered died with a single click. Speaking of cyanide poisoning in the inorganic chemistry laboratory of the faculty, Karabakan said that a cyanide is commonly found in two ways. It forms in the form of cyanide acids or salts with metals. Since cyanide binds to hemoglobin a thousand times faster than the oxygen in the blood, it binds to hemoglobin when it is carried to the body, it eliminates # 39 ; oxygen there and reduce oxygen transport. It reduces the amount of oxygen in the brain, it negatively affects metabolism and causes poisoning. Or they are bound to the metals of the enzymes, which negatively affect the metabolism


Explain how to understand the cyanide poisoning Dr. Karabakan said that, as chemists, we often use cyanides in chemical reactions or in the synthesis of products. Thus, we use more in chemical synthesis. If we use cyanide as heating, we must use a bell. This way we do not breathe cyanide released during evaporation and we move away from the bell. After entering the cyanide, it also joins hemoglobin and reduces oxygen transport. With the decrease in the amount of oxygen in the brain, nausea begins. Then we see weakness and loss of consciousness, the last loss of orientation is shown by Gözlem, he said.


Speaking of the effects of the dose and the duration of exposure to cyanide poisoning, Karabakan said that poisoning would lead to death. This period varies depending on the dose exposed to the cyanide. There is no exact dose. If you receive a small amount of time, you will see the effect in a long time. Of course, it must be exposed for a long time. If the amount is too high, it can cause poisoning in a short time. When exposed, the amount of cyanide in the environment may vary depending on the quantity or content of oxygen. Poisons are a long time. Cyanide must first enter the body, then it must be mixed with the blood and then passed through the hemoglobin and must pass some time before reducing the oxygen transport. As carbon monoxide poisoning, there may be a period of time between 10 and 20 minutes that leads to poisoning and death. Even if the amount of cyanide in the environment is low, this period can be up to 30 minutes, he said.


Karabakan emphasized the need to inspect the chemicals sold on the Internet by the institutions, the vendor of the sales company to find out about the buyer; the chemical substance should be used to underline the need to have an idea. Talking about cyanide on the Internet in an easy and economical way, said Karabakan, Cyanide sales sold on the Internet are never normal. Cyanide is a highly toxic material. These sales must be strictly controlled because they negatively affect the metabolism and life of people. In other words, these types of materials on the Internet should definitely not be sold. In fact, companies that sell chemicals should not give this article to everyone. The companies that sell know where they sell the product, who they sell and what it is for. In the same way that we use a material such as acid anhydride for the production of heroin in our universities, if we do so under police control or police control, the sale of harmful and dangerous substances such as Cyanide s & 39; it should be done in a controlled manner.


The students of the Department of Chemistry who used the Hacettepe University laboratory said that they were reviewed by the professors and attendees of the research during the experiments carried out and said that the fireplace was used in experiments that affected the student health Karabakan said: "We currently do not offer cyanide to students. Instead, we use other chemicals to show the same reactivity. Our students use these materials under the control of attendees and research professors. While our students perform Experiments in laboratories, both teachers and research assistants control their systems by working in groups. If it works on an acid basis, the student goes to the drawer. If they use cyanides or materials Similarly, they are directed to smoke cabinets. Even if carbon monoxide production does not do so at random, we make the experience under our own control, he said.


Karabakan also spoke about the poisonings by cyanides that took place in the Bayraklı districts in Izmir in recent days. Students should certainly not get to these compounds. The most important thing to say, these substances should not be reached easily, "he said.
Mehmet Kalkan, 46, in Smyrna and his wife, Fatma Kalkan, 39, a university student, son of Mahmut Can Kalkan, 21, died of cyanide poisoning.

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