Monday , April 12 2021

EA postpones the release date of Need for Speed

Electronic Arts announced that the new Need for Speed ​​game, which is expected to be released this year, has been delayed by at least a year. According to the statement, developer Criterion Games will support the development of Battlefield 6.

California-based video game company Electronic Arts (EA), us Need for speed game release date a year late announced. According to the announcement, Criterion Games, the studio behind Need for Speed, will be released for next-generation consoles and PCs this fall. Battlefield From 6 in development EA DICE’a will support.

EA’den Laura Mielewhat he did in the polygon on the subject to the statement “[Battlefield] He is in good shape and the team is working amazingly. Last year they did a lot and yes, we work from home. Playing games from home is difficult and the team [EA DICE] a little tired “ used the expressions. Miele, Battlefield 6 it has incredible potential Added.

Criterion Games will support the development of Battlefield 6:

Battlefield 1

EA, new Need for speed It was recently announced that the game developer was taken from the Ghost Games studio and transferred back to Criterion Games. Miele also mentioned this number in the interview, Buy Codemasters He said Criterion Games contributed to his reinstatement.

Criterion Games, previously in the development of Battlefield games DICE’a had supported. Claiming that pandemic working conditions have negative effects on DICE, Miele said support for another experienced study, Battlefield 6 on the target date He said it would help him out.


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Not much is known about the game yet regarding the new Battlefield game. However, according to rumors that have emerged recently, with Battlefield 6, the series is finally over modern sometimes Go back to. From the game next fall It is scheduled to be released for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.


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