Wednesday , July 6 2022

Fatih Terim: 30 million Galatasaray awaits the answer


Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim, at a press conference in Germany before giving a heavy sword, gave important messages. The terms are as follows:
We have 7-8 disabilities. The fact that you're so sharply accusing me of joining. Nagatomo, Emre Akbaba and Fernando are very important. And there's Eren.
The third and fourth matches are matches that will show the fate of the group. My players are aware of the importance of the match. To select 11 I have no choice …
The Schalke team is a good team. In the future, Tedesco will be a better technical man. The only difference between us was that we played derby, they did not play.
Our loss in case our request is clear 2. They're very weak. If Schalke loses, the request continues.
They gave me their players 24 hours a day because they did not say anything about the last match. physically tired, and psychologically also fatigue.
It's not easy to forget and concentrate the team.

The loss of points in displacement is not a phobia, but Anatolia's warning. Turkish League has become a very strong team … everyone can win every Anatolia.
We do not have football players in many Anatolian teams.
Tomorrow (today) after the match will answer all your questions (F.Bahce derby in events). 30 million G. waiting for someone to answer. In the meantime, Terima's words on social media, the president's comments on the deviation of comments have made Fatih teacher unhappy.

Full of barber!
40% of the team's injuries, describing Fatih Terim, "If we look at a glass full of two and three players, these are exceptions that will not happen to anyone."

Stadium Veltins-Arena where the game will play at the last job Galatasarai entered the camp. Yellow-red football players before taking a souvenir.

G. Galatasaray today with Group D of the Schalke League Championships is very important to maintain this claim. 4 points Aslan in Istanbul without haste his opponent If yen will increase the score to 7 and the German opponent will score two points. 7 points leader Porto, but in the group Not rated Lokomotiv Moscow would have crossed in case of defeat or communion while Galatasaray will be in charge of the last two. Schalke's victory will also improve the morale that has been broken with the derby.

The last Шальке ien
Galatasaray, Champions League the last 12 shifts He did not win the game. Yellow-red won the last win In the season 2012-2013 Fatih Terim again in Germany 3-2 with Shock He received it. After that, he played in 12 games with 2 draw and 10 defeats. Lion this off season games 8 goals during shooting 29 will not stop.

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