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Female 39th episode of episode released! Sirin soke a big blow! Woman 38 What happened in the last chapter?


The 39th episode of the episode is here! In the 38th episode, Baharina's suffering lasts. Cute is trying to hurt Bahara. For the recovery of Bahar, he agrees with Sarp who is ready to negotiate with Sarp. But she says she and Sarpa are hurt. Episode 39 of the episodes of women caused curiosity. Here's what happened in the 38th episode of Woman …

The facts were revealed in the 39th episode of the female series. He calls his wife Ender and Hatice with her father and wife. Then Shocked Ender, Sirin's slap and "We do not have a daughter called Smurf," he says. In the 38th part of the woman, Sirin is doing everything to break through Baker's resistance. Spring is now revolting. . I do not hate anyone in my life, but I want him dead, "he says. Sarp tears tears and sees Spring only from afar.His shopping with Smurf was only for Bahara to live.Arif is the only person who makes Happy happy, while still hiding Sarp Iandans being, which makes him uncomfortable. A new episode of the episode for women has been released.



WHAT Were Women in Part 38?

The question is how Sarp persuaded Sirin to accept his buttons. Although she is cute, she tries to make Bahar the best way to make her unpleasant despite accepting the core. Although the idea that Sarp knew that he had a relationship with his brother, caused the destruction of Spring, Smurf went one step further. The hiding that Sarp lived from Bahar began to disturb Arif from the inside.


Sarp, who drove Sirin into the hospital, quietly left S

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