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Fight the surviving baby! | NEVSPAPER VATAN


November 17, 2018 Saturday – 2:30 | Most recent updates: 17 11 2018 – 2:30

Due to the World Prewar Day, the deceased babies and their families born at Acıbadem Kadıkoi Hospital met with their doctors

Due to the World Pre-War Day on November 17, Acıbadem came along with deceased babies and their families who were born at the Kadıkoi Hospital. Specialist Neonatology (neonatology) doc. Dr. Atalai Demirel, due to changing circumstances, begins to see more and more premature births, he said. 1 million 300 thousand babies born every year in Turkey, amounted to about 10 percent of premature babies. These cavities Survivor la babies have to fight with much harder than normal.

Pregnancy monitoring is important & # 39;

Assuming that the number of premature babies has increased due to progression of the time of delivery, the spread of IVF therapy and the increase in multiple pregnancies. Doctor Demirel, when he decides to have a baby, immediately stressed the need to consult an obstetrician. Demirel said if some women and families are very aware when they will have a baby. Therefore, if there are diseases or risks that can lead to premature birth, they can be seen and guarded during regular pregnancy control.

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