Tuesday , July 27 2021

Images appeared of the accident in which 4 people died, including the honorary consul general of Kazakhstan in Nevşehir

The accident happened last night in Kocaepe district of Kocaeli, Karaabdulbaki district, on the north road of Marmara. According to the information obtained, the Mercedes car with license plate 06 CD7 057 belonging to the Consulate of Kazakhstan, which was crossing in the direction of Istanbul, went out of control and touched the barriers. The car, which crossed the barriers due to the impact, drifted about 30 meters and fell to the side of the road after hitting the leg of the signpost. Following the warning, many medical, fire and gendarmerie teams were sent to the scene. It was determined that the honorary consul general of Kazakhstan Nevşehir, Halil Uluer, his wife Fatma Uluer and Ahmet Demirhan, who were trapped in the car by medical teams who came to the scene, lost their lives at the scene. Ayşe Demirhan, who was seriously injured in the accident, died at the private hospital where she was taken.


Images appeared of the accident safety cabin, in which 4 people died. In the images reflected on the highway security cameras, the car crashes into the barriers and veers off the road. The car, dragged by meters, crashes into the signpost. With the severity of the impact, the car spins as it overturns the signpost.

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