Friday , May 20 2022

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Group Suheda el Sarkiye in the FSA group that participated in Operation Afrin; After theft, extortion and gang activity, the Syrian National Army (Ceisul Vatani), supported by the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), launched comprehensive operations with tanks, cannons and heavy weapons.

The police time was announced

In the Deir ez Zor region, a group of armed groups separated from the ISIS, including the Al-Qaeda group and Shaheed el-Sarki, who have worked together, recently turned to oppression and extortion by increasing public oppression. Afrina and the surrounding areas of people until the extinction of events in order to increase the extinction of the days before the extensive operason. Operaspion, the Syrian National Army (Ceisul Vateni), including the Sultan Murat Division, supported the Turkish Armed Forces operation (TSK). Police time in the center of Afrin was realized as part of the operations begun in the reservoir and support for heavy weapons. The city center of Harekat Afrin, as well as Cinderes at the same time continued.

40 militia died

The operation conducted by FSA groups was slow due to the fact that gang members used civilians as a live shield in the building's headquarters and within the building. Groups of terrorist groups, Tahrir Damascus (HTS), who are in contact with groups of gangs, the city center of Afrin was compressed to two points. Within the operation, the Sufi group, the Abu Havel group, which had an armed group of 300 people, was a target. Abdurrahman al-Hussein, the code for Abu Havel, claimed to have been supported by some countries in the region, as well as the comprehensive operations that led his gang, lasted until evening hours yesterday. In the settlements of Mahmudiya, Velat and Zeidiya Afrin, Suhareda Sarkiia was heavily lost in the work of groups associated with the FSA. The Syrian Human Rights Observatory explained that at least 40 militia were killed and dozens were injured in violent clashes between armed groups.

They surrendered

As a result of effective operations, more than 200 people from the Ehrar Sharki group surrendered their weapons to Africa. In order not to lose more losses in conflicts, a large number of armed men who were tied to Ehrhard Sharki, who completely emptied the Cinderella region, surrendered to the Syrian National Army (Ceyul Vatani) by sending their family to Idylib. The operations of the Syrian National Army, supported by Turkish armed forces, continue in Africa.

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