Tuesday , October 26 2021

Launch Windows 11, upgrade it now for free.


Download Windows 11

Microsoft has begun offering the stable version of Windows 11 to Insider users.

Software giant Microsoft has released the final version of Windows 11 on the Insider Preview channel, after a long period of testing. The new operating system, which will normally be available for download starting October 5, was available soon with this move from Microsoft.

So how do you install the Windows 11 update?

Microsoft as you know Set strict system requirements with Windows 11. Among them, the processor and TPM support are the most annoying. For this reason, you need to find out if your computer supports Windows 11 before starting the upgrade process.

Step 1: Find out if your PC is compatible with Windows 11

Microsoft has released the Windows 11 compatibility tool called PC Health for this process. When downloading the software in question, you can check if your computer is ready for Windows 11.

Windows 11 compatibility tool

For information on the TPM requirement and how to enable it, click “TPM Unlock Guide for Windows 11See our article.

Step Two: Submit a privileged request for Windows 11

If you have approved the PC Health application, all you have to do is apply for Insider. From Microsoft On the website where Windows Insider receives its applications You can create the Insider log.

Phase three: Upgrade to Windows 11 Insider Preview

After receiving the Insider application, go to the preview version by following these steps on your Windows 10 computer;

  1. ConfigurationEnter. Later Update and security under Windows Insider program go to the menu.
  2. Here To start Click the button and continue selecting the email account to which you have registered as an insider for Windows.
  3. Microsoft offers many options for the Insider program. Launch of the preview channel Continue selecting the option.
  4. Once the previous steps are completed, Settings> Update and security optional below Windows 11 You will see the update.
  5. Download and install it You can switch to Windows 11 Insider Preview by clicking.

Windows 11 update

Fourth and final phase: upgrade to the final version of Windows 11

If you have successfully completed the installation of Windows 11 Insider Preview, you can now upgrade to the stable version. For that;

  1. ConfigurationGo to Update and Security “Stop preview updates for Windows 11Click ”.
  2. After this process, you will have a stable version with the update you will receive.

Finally, Microsoft’s latest version of Windows 11, 22000.194 per ISO Suppose you have also published the files. The ISO file in question From the Windows Insider website You can get it.

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