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Merih Demiral went up to Series A in 3 years! – News of Italy

In Italy, known for its globally famous caps, there is now a Turkish defender: Merih Demiral… Tap of 20 years, who did not even look at the face of the three elders during the transfer period, Alanyasporof SassuoloIs on the way On the other side, with a rare history of transfer …

Giant boarding club JuventusThe Sassuolo club, which entered the even radar, even taking Merih for number 1 on the list of caps, reached an agreement with Alanyaspor. The beginning of the season Sporting de LisboaThe option to buy Merih, which had leased the company, was 3.5 million euros. Alanyaspor used this substance, with Sassuolo shaking hands with 6.5 million euros yesterday. In other words, Merih, who played for 6 months and did not have his own soccer player, earned 3 million euros. On the other hand, according to the Italians, the Merih 12 to 12.5% ​​stake in the next sale will be in Alanyaspor.

Fenerbahce was lost

It was learned that Sassuolo would pay 6.5 million euros in the form of mandatory purchase at the end of the season for FFP. A little reminder; Merih Demiral Fenerbahçe In 2016, the Portuguese sub-league team went to Alcananse.

The 20-year stopper rose to Italy Serie A in 3 years.

Juventus wanted a lot

In the last seven seasons, it was interesting to note that the Juventus, who took the rope to Boot, wrote a number on the Transfers list of Merih Demiral.

Black and White Sports Director Fabio ParaticiWhen he got up from lunch, he met on the phone and took notes on a piece of paper.

Paratici, when he was paying the bill, threw the paper into pieces and moved it away. The hotel staff also joined the document and appeared on the Juve transfer list. First, the name of Merih iss.

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