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Neurologist Mehmet Yavuz: regular chocolate meals live more than one year


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Often, it's about chocolate damages, you say it has benefits.

According to an investigation on this topic, chocolate is a very powerful antioxidant. One of the best known benefits is that it helps to feel better and calmer while releasing the hormone of happiness.

How does this affect our brain?

The cocoa content, the main ingredient in chocolate, allows to accelerate the blood flow into the brain. This contributes to the development of brain functions. Methylxanthin in chocolate also increases concentration and increases the learning performance and focus.

Why can not we resist chocolate?

The reason why you can not resist every time is that it consists of 600 different flavors.

What should your daily chocolate measure be?

According to the conclusions of a group of scientists from Harvard University, those who eat regular chocolate live more than one year. Research shows that drinking chocolate that contains 80 grams of cocoa of 20 grams per day is very beneficial.

Black chocolate or chocolate with milk?

Most of the time, it is a candy-like candy that attracts its packaging. Therefore, at every opportunity, you should prefer black chocolate. Since black chocolate is produced from pure cocoa and no other chemical components are added.

Is it possible to lose weight in eating chocolate?

Black chocolate regulates sugar in the blood and can control the appetite. Perfect for sweet crises. It also activates the mechanism of fat and carbohydrate of chocolate. Because fatty acids synthesize chocolate, it accelerates metabolism. It facilitates the focus of the muscles.

I have read something similar to the serious The pleasure of kissing is equal to the pleasure of 25 grams of chocolate, "how's that true?

Since the kiss activates some hormones, it is possible to establish this relationship. The brain perceives that chocolate enters the body as a reward and causes the secretion of endorphin. Because chocolate contains compounds such as tyramine, phenylethylamine, theobromine and caffeine that directly affect the brain. In addition, chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA) to stimulate the nervous system.

HIST OF CHOCOLATE OFFER: previously sold in pharmacies

At the beginning of the 20th century, the so-called 'health chocolate' was bought at pharmacies. Chocolate, which reached the Ottoman lands in the 19th century and was called as a source of healing by many scholars, has become mass production over time.

Benefits of chocolate

Avoid the obstruction of the vessels in the brain.

Provides the digestive system to work regularly thanks to the fiber content it contains.

Avoid the formation of stones and sand in the kidneys.

It maintains its level of cholesterol in balance.

It protects the kidneys with their diuretic properties.

Thanks to calcium, it helps bone development.

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