Monday , January 17 2022

New scientific research suggests that cats are the only species that prefers free food


The findings may not come as a surprise to some cat lovers. But many animals, such as birds and rodents, prefer to seek food. That’s why cat behavior experts said they were surprised by the results of the study.

The IndependentAccording to the research team, he put the hard-earned food in a toy and easily accessible food on a plate in front of 17 cats.

It was seen that 4 of the cats chose the toy, while 8 cats preferred the free food. Five cats were reported to have a “weak” interest in the toy.

The scientists also observed how much the cats in the study moved. The findings, published in the scientific journal Animal Cognition, reviewed by experts, showed that even more active cats prefer free food.

“Many studies show that most animals, including birds, rodents, wolves, primates, and even giraffes, prefer to work for food,” said Mikel Delgado, lead author of the study.

Cats seem to be the only species that surprisingly does not prefer this behavior.

On the other hand, it is unknown why cats choose free food.

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